Monday, August 13, 2018

Alden Wakefield Harden

Photographer: Harden (Alden W.)
204 East Douglas
Wichita, Kansas

Alden Wakefield Harden
(20 Apr 1838 - 13 Jun 1927)

Alden Harden grew up in Indiana. His first appearance in Wichita, KS, in any document is the 1886 city directory, as a photographer at 204 E Douglas. He remains listed as a photographer at the same studio address until he retires at about 82 in 1920.

His son, Homer Thomas Harden (1882-1939) continued in the profession of photography in his own studio at 327 Butts bldg. by 1927.

The photograph at the left would have been made between 1886 and about 1920.

Since the discovery of the card on the right, it appears that Harden had a studio in Ottawa, KS. Whether this was before his Wichita studio or during it is not known at this time. More research pending.

Photographer: A W Harden
209 S Main, Ottawa, KS
example from auction site

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