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George W Hutchings

G. W. Hutchings
Home Galleries
816 Frederick Ave., and 717 Edmond St.
St. Joseph, Mo.

Not much has been found for G. W. Hutchings working in St. Joseph, MO. Is it the same Hutchings that operated the Railroad Photo Car out of Neosho, KS?

There appears to have been a number of men named Hutchings, working in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri at about the same time. No connections have been made yet.

George W. Hutchings
(1848 - ) Indiana, School Teacher, photographer
George W. Hutchings
(1851 - ) IL, farmer, wife:Millie
George W. Hutchings
(1852 - ) MO, farmer, wife:Cinthia
George W. Hutchings
(1853 - ) IA, farm laborer, wife:Sarah

Following one up actually was no help at all. No connections turned up for either the St. Joseph, MO, photographer or the Hutchings that had the well known
Railroad Car Photo Studio.

George W. Hutchings
(1848 - ) Indiana

(US Census) born in Perry,IN
(Iowa Census) in Berry, IA at 6 yrs
(US Census) in Liberty, IN at 12 yrs
(US Census) as school teacher at 22 in Nodaway, IN
(US Census) as photographer at Villisca, IA
(Omaha city directory) not listed
(Omaha city directory) as photographer with Mutzen at 1406 Farnam
(Omaha city directory) as photographer at 1406 Farnam
(Omaha city directory) not listed

Here is a photograph of a typical Railroad Car Photograph Studio and a cabinet card credited to the "Hutchings Brothers" photography.

And look at the blog
Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places
for a couple more examples.

Here are two more examples of Hutchings Railroad Car

Another example on Who Were They?

Here is a photograph of
another Railroad Photo Car.

Here is a cabinet card imprinted Hutchings Railroad Photo Car.

The style of the imprint is quite different but that does not prove anything. Over the decades of the cabinet card era, the imprints changed often.

It is still uncertain whether the photographer with Hutchings rail road photo-car was the same as photographer G. W. Hutchings.

Photographer: Hutchings
Rail road
Photo Car

photographer: Hutchings
Washington, Kansas
(Note that the imprint of the name is the same as the card on the left)

Another cabinet card with the imprint Rail Road Photo-Car. Note that the name is spelled differently, but it is probably the same photographer.

Hutchins Railroad Photo Car

photographer Hutchings
Avenue, St. Joseph, MO
example from Kansas Memory site

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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