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John Alfred Lindgren

photographer: Lindgren
Greenville, TX

John Alfred Lindgren
(1847 - 1909)

Sources: city directories, US census, newspaper items as noted; some children’s births are included to show his location in those years

1847 Sep 24,
Sundswall, Sweden, John Alfred Lindgren is born
J A Lindgren arrives in the US
Waxahachie (TX) Enterprise, small ad for Williams & Lindgren gallery; it is not known at this time WHICH photographer Williams was the partner here, there were several possible
Johnson County, TX, US census, J A Lindgren as photographer living at boarding house
1882 Oct, Nov, Dec,
Galveston (TX) Daily News, small ad repeated 20 plus times
1886 Jun 16
Johnson, TX, J A Lindgren marries Jean Nettie Hammons
1887 Jan 03
Fort Worth Gazette, news item about Lindgren as fireman in Cleburne, TX

1891 May 15,
Galveston Daily News item about Lindgren as chief fireman at Cleburne, TX
1892 Jan 27
Cleburne, TX, state records, son James A Lindgren is born
1893 Sep 22
Greenville, TX, state records, son Richard Louis Lindgren is born
1894 Dec 23
Galveston (TX) Daily News, small news item about stolen lenses in Cleburne, TX
1895 Jun 01
Greenville (TX) Banner news item about gallery opening in Greenville
1900 Jun 07
Greenville, TX, US census as photographer; res West Washington st
1905 Sep 10
Cleburne, TX, state records, son Edward Moore Lindgren is born
Cleburne, TX, city directory as real estate agent; res 417 n Wilhite
Cleburne, TX, city directory as real estate agent; res 417 n Wilhite
1909 Nov 11
Cleburne, TX, John Alfred Lindgren dies at age 62

It is not known if Lindgren kept a gallery in Cleburne, TX, after taking over the Knight Gallery in Greenville, TX, but probably not. It appears he operated in Greenville, TX between 1895 and 1900, returning then to Cleburne, TX.

At the left is an example from photographer Lindgren, apparently done after June 1895 when Lindgren took over the Greenville studio from Fayette W Knight

Waxahachie (TX)enterprise - 30 Aug 1878

Galveston (TX) Daily News - 31 Oct 1882

Ran 20 plus times Oct, Now, Dec, 1882

Gainsville (TX) Daily Hesperian - 15 May 1888

Galveston (TX) Daily News - 15 May 1891

Galveston Daily News - 23 Dec 1894

Greenville (TX) Banner - 01 Jun 1895

CDV example above from Lens on the Frontier

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