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George William Hinkel

George William Hinkel

Photographer:Hinkel and Son

Photographer:Hinkel and Son

Photographer:Hinkel and Son

George William Hinkel
(15 Feb 1855 - 24 Jan 1906)

G. W. Hinkel was a photographer in Missouri from about 1885 to his death in 1906. Though records show he kept a studio in Sedalia from about 1891, the address changed at least three times. No records found tell when he might have worked in Warrensburg, MO. One might speculate that it was around 1885 when he was just becoming established.

Also the light weight stock used for these cabinet cards, with cream color and single line red rule indicate circa 1880. Warrensburg, MO, is only about 27 miles from Sedalia, MO, on a railway line.

1880 Jun 09

US census as farm labor living with family
1888 Oct 14
marries Ida S. Hecht in Jamestown, MO

1891 Dec 08
Sedalia (MO) Weekly Bazoo small ad as photographer at 107 Ohio st
US census Sedalia. MO, as photographer, res 104 Jefferson st
1902 Sep 23
Sedalia (MO) Democrat obit for wife of O B Hall (sister of George Hinkel) as the "Main Street photographer".
(see below)

The Sedalia (MO) Democrat - 23 Sep 1902

Sedalia, MO, city directory as photographer at 110 e Main; res 104 Jefferson
Sedalia, MO, city directory as photographer at 217 Ohio; res 104 Jefferson
1906 Jan 24
Sedalia (MO) Democrat Obit for G W Hinkel as photographer “Lately at 217 Ohio”

(see below)

Sedalia (MO) Democrat - 24 Jan 1906

photographer: Hinkel and Son
Warrensburg, MO
from the collection of KEN on Flickr

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  1. I have a photograph of a relative that has Hinkel 110 E. Main St. Sedalia, Mo. on it. Can you tell me the circa date for this photograph studio. Between the name and the address is Extra finish.

    1. Thanks for your note.

      It is safe to say that Hinkel was at 110 E Main in Sedalia, MO, from Sept of 1902 through 1903. He might have been at that location a bit before and after but there is no document to support that. In 1900 he was at 104 Jefferson and in 1904 his studio was at 217 Main.

      I will add your cabinet card to the page if you like. Send a scan or photo, including the edges, no cropping, to the address in the profile.

      Thanks again!


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