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photographer: Draper
Ord, Neb

There were two, maybe three photographers named Draper in the central Nebraska area, during the cabinet card era. Until more information is found Edgar Draper seems the best candidate for the originator of this cabinet card.

All data is from US census and municipal records. No city directories were available.

Edgar Draper
(1870 - 1927)

1870 May 04
Iowa, Edgar Draper is born to William Tolbert Draper and wife Samantha Katherine Baker. (Some documents say 1868 for birth year)
approximate year that the family moves to Nebraska, probably Grand Island.
Edgar is age 18, family has moved to Central City, NE

Edgar is age 19, family has moved to Ord, NE
1894 Sep 04
Valley County, NE, Edgar marries Amber E Hill
1896 May 09
Ord, NE, daughter Blanche is born
Edgar is age 26, daughter Blanche is born in Ord, NE
Silver Creek, Merrick County, NE, as photographer (Silver Creek is about 100 miles via rail through Grand Island, NE, to Ord, NE. Perhaps Edgar and his wife Amber and young daughter Blanche just happened to be there that day.)
1905 Sep 5
Loup City, Sherman County, NE, son Forrest Vincent Draper is born
Loup, NE, US census as photographer (Ord and Loup are less than 50 miles apart

Nebraska, daughter Gwendolyn R Draper is born
Magee, CO, US census as farmer
Edgar dies in Haxtun, CO, at age 57

It appears that Edgar was in or around Ord, NE, from about 1889 to about 1896. He was apparently a photographer most of that time. He then quits the photography business and moves to Colorado and farming.

At the right are two examples found on Ancestry.Com from the records of N. Draper.

Note the difference in the card design from the above example.

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  1. I have an Edgar Draper photo that has on it Central City, Neb. Working on determining more about the photo. Back has handwritten Mabel Auldrich Wolbach Nebr. If it is the Mable I think it is she was born in 1889. I'd be happy to share a scan. Becky Martin

    1. Thank you! New additions are always welcome. If you will send a good scan, including the edges, to the email address in the profile (link at the bottom of this page) I will be happy to add it to this page. Depending on the age of the subject, we can place Draper in Central City after 1888.


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