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Frederick C Philpot

Photographer: Philpot
Springvale, ME

Frederick C Philpot is missing from the 1920 US census. It appears that he was simply skipped. Perhaps he had closed his shop that week and wasn’t answering the door and the enumerator just didn’t get back to him. Although many adjacent addresses appear in the list, number 14 Washington Street does not. The enumerator does seem to be skipping around on that street a bit. Many addresses are out of sequence. See Sanford, ME, US census, district 0134, pages 22 and 23.

So though the Sanford, ME, city directories for 1919 and 1921 both show Philpot at 14 Washington Street, the US census for 1920 does not. The Sanford, ME, city directory for 1920 is unavailable.

Frederick C Philpot
(1856 - 1925)

1856 Oct 21
Limerick, York County, Maine, F C Philpot is born to Samuel B Philpot and Catherine E Harmon
1876 Apr 03
Samuel B Philpot, Frederick’s father, hangs himself at age 58
1880 Apr 01
Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, city records, F C Phippot marries Ella M. Broody.
1880 Apr 22
Windham, Cumberland, ME, son Harry Boody Philpot is born.
1880 May 02
Windham, Cumberland, ME, wife Ella M Broody dies of childbirth complications
1880 Jun 25
Limerick, York, ME, US census as “artist”; F C Philpot is living with his widowed mother and his sister Kate

1890 (circa)
A photograph on Vintage Marine Images shows photographer Fred Philpot standing in front of his store where he sold bicycles, sewing machines and produced post cards. The store was lost in the great fire that destroyed much of Springvale, ME, 14 Apr 1905.
Sanford, ME, city directory as photographer at 69 ½ Main
Sanford, ME, US census as bicycle dealer
1900 (circa)
Sanford-Springvale Historical Society includes a photograph of the Philpot Studio as it appeared on Kimball Street in Sanford, ME see HERE and HERE.
Sanford, ME, city directory as bicycle dealer, repairs, sewing machines, pianos and Hanson Studio (photography) at 64 Main
1903 Dec 05
Limerick, York County, ME, public records, F C Philpot’s mother, Catherine E Harmon, dies at age 87, senility

1905 Apr 14
fire destroys Philpot’s bicycle/sewing machine shop
1910 Apr 21
Sanford, ME, US census, as photographer at 167 Main st
1913 - 1924
Sanford, ME, city directory as photographer at 14 Washington
1925 Nov 17
Limerick, York, ME, F C Philpot dies at age 69

This cabinet card could have been done any time in Philpot’s photography career from 1893 to his death in 1925. The imprint says Springvale, ME, which is a suburb of Sanford, only a couple miles north of the well documented address of 14 Washington Street.

There are no records to indicate whether this was an earlier studio opened before his studio in downtown Sanford or a later branch office but it was probably in the earlier period before the city burned.

Several other examples of cabinet cards by Philpot can be seen here.
Two pictures from Ossipee Valley, Images of America

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