Friday, February 23, 2018

S C Adams

Photographer: S C Adams
Marysville, OH

Reverse of the card t the left

Only three news items were found relating to S C Adams, Art Studio of Marysville, OH. No genealogy could be assembled. There were no Marysville city directories available for that time period.

It appears from the news items that in October of 1887, S C Adams sold out his Art Studio in Marysville, OH, and moved to California for health issues. No trace of him was found after that.

A line by line search of the 1880 US census for Marysville, OH, found no one named Adams. There were four people who list professions related to photography. They were Oscar Barbour, 21, photographer, LeonidasTurner, 15, photograph, Thomas Cherrington, 35, photographic artist and Guy Cadwaller, 22, portrait painter.

From this scant information, the cabinet card here of Sally Yount, was probably done after 1880 and before November of 1887. Of course, Adams might have been living in a nearby city while keeping a studio in Marysville, OH, for a couple decades up to 1887. There is no way to be certain at this time.

Marysville (OH) Tribune - 05 Oct 1887

Marysville (OH) Tribune - 13 Oct 1887

Marysville (OH) Tribune - 13 Oct 1887

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