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Charles Hall BoDurtha

photographer; Bodurtha
Delaware, OH

reverse of card at the left

Charles Hall Bodurtha
(1844 - 1915)

Not all records agree on the spelling:

Sources: History of Delaware County and Ohio (HDC), US census, 1905 city directory,
1844 Jan 11
Birkshire County, MS, state records, Charles Hall BoDurtha is born to Daniel Bodurtha and Deborah Hall
1855 to 1860
Hudson, NY, US census, studies photography, mentor unknown
History Delaware County, moves to Bridgeport, CN, and opens first gallery at age 19, “short time”
1864 est
History Delaware County, moves to Venezuela working as photographer
1866 est
History Delaware County, leaves Venezuela and travels on an English ship as artist for 16 months

1868 est
History Delaware County, locates in Columbus OH (no documents have been found to pinpoint exactly when)
1869 est
History Delaware County, Delaware, OH, BoDurtha is employed at gallery of T A Beach eventually becoming part owner and then exclusive owner
1873 May 15
Vinton Record (McArthur OH) indicates Bodurtha was in partnership with Beach
1873 Oct 21
St Louis, MO, state records, Bodurtha and Amy H Simmons marry
1874 Sep 09
Delaware, OH, state records, son Walter Hotchkiss Bodurtha is born
History Delaware County, Delaware, OH, BoDurtha has own gallery
Delaware, OH, state records, daughter Natalie Louise Bodurtha is born
1900 Jun 04
Delaware, OH, US census C H Bodurtha as photographer; res 175 Franklin

Dekaware, OH, city directory Bodurtha as photographer at 57 n Sandusky; res 175 n Franklin
Delaware, OH, US census BoDurtha as photographer; res as “165” Franklin
1915 Sep 26
Delaware, OH, county, state records, Charles H Bodurtha dies at age 71
1915 to 1954
Delaware, OH, US census, city directory, Natalie Louise Bodurtha continues operating the Bodrutha Studio at 57 ½ N Sandusky, and after about 1930, at 23 w Winter, until her death in 1954

Charles H Bodurtha had a studio in Delaware, OH, starting in about 1880 and carried on by his daughter Natalie Bodurtha until 1954. The card at the top of this page does not show a studio address so it could have been done at any time within those dates. The monogram at the bottom, center, says “C H B” so it was most probably done before his death in 1915 but studios have been known to use up preprinted stock even years later.

The style of the card indicates 1900 or after.

If a card is fortunate enough to have a studio address printed on it, closer dating should be possible.

Vinton Record (McArthur, OH) - 15 may 1873

Photographer: BoDurtha
Delaware, OH
example from Slices of Time

photographer: BoDurtha
Delaware, OH
example from auction site

photographer: BoDurtha
Delaware, OH
example from auction site

photographer: BoDurtha
Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH
example from auction site

reverse of card at left

photographer: BoDurtha
Delaware, Ohio
example from auction site

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