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Robert M D Anderson

Robt. M. D. Anderson

Robert M. D. Anderson was born in 1860 in Maryland. His photography business was conducted mostly in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Although he was in the US census five times, few other documents have been found relating to Robert M D Anderson.

1860 Dec 20
Maryland, US census, Findagrave Robert M D Anderson is born to William Anderson and Mary Keith
1883 (1884 not available)
Baltimore, MD, city directory Robt M D Anderson NOT listed
Baltimore, MD, city directory Robt M D Anderson as clerk; bds 335 e Pratt
Baltimore, MD, city directory Robt M D Anderson as clerk for Kann, son and co; res 33 r Baltimore
Baltimore, MD, city directory, Robt M D Anderson NOT listed

Robert M D Anderson and Amy M O’Neal are married
Fayetteville, TN, US census R M D Anderson as photographer; res High st,
Fayetteville, TN, US census Robert Anderson as photographer; res Mill st
Rockwood, TN, US census Robert M D Anderson as photographer at 229 s Front st

The couple had three children but apparently none of them survived infancy. Wife Amy M. Anderson gave a different age at each census.

This cabinet card must have been finished before he moved from Fayetteville to Rockwood.

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  1. Hello. Is there a list of famous cabinet card photographer studios? Looking to collect important ones. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment. There is no list of just famous cabinet card photographers that I know of. The most well-known photographers of that era were those who specialized in photographs of historical landmarks and of celebrities such as actors, politicians and public figures. The names occurring most often for me are Edward S Curtis, Charles Eisenmann, Matthew Brady, Frank Wendt, Napoleon Sarony, Joseph Maria Mora and Newsboy. That’s a short-list. I am sure that there are collectors who would also include their favorites, famous for one reason or another. Good luck!


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