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Benjamin Peters Skewis

Windom, Minn.

Benjamin Peters Skewis
(6 Feb 1860 - 1 Feb 1846)

B J Skewis and his wife Ammie/Alma lived in Canada a short time in 1905-1906. In the absence of documentary evidence, some personal events are included in this timeline to show the photographer’s location.

Benjamin Peters Skewis is born to Edward Skewis and Catherine Lean
Apple River, IL as laborer (at 20)
marriage to Ammie/Alma (there are many variations in the spelling of this name)
1884 Oct 31
Panora, IA, state records, twins Arthur and Archie Skewis are born
1887 Apr 09
Minnesota, state records, daughter Clyde Florence is born
1890 May 08
Windom, MN, state records, son Percy V Skewis is born
1892 Oct 17
Windom, MN, state records daughter Leone Myrl Skewis is born
1900 Jun 14
Windom, MN, US census, as photographer

1903 Jul 14
Cottonwood County, MN, county records, son John Bennett Skewis is born
1905 Jun 06
Windom, MN, Minnesota Territorial and State census, as photographer
Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Emigrates to Canada
Saskatchewan, Canada, census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta no occupation shown, shows emigrating to Canada in 1905
1910 Apr 25
Windom, MN, US census as photographer; res 4th av
border crossing records of 1928 Jul 28, mentions Skewis has visited Canada this year
1920 Jan 02
Salem, OR, US census as photographer; res 1697 Chimeketa st
Salem OR, city directory B P Skewis NOT listed
Salem, OR, city directory as photographer; res 960 n 20th
1928 July 31
Canadian border crossing, as photographer
1929 Jun 29
Immigration border crossing document, working as farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada

Salem, OR, city directory, no occupation listed; res 960 n 20th; also the name does not appear in the business section photography categories
1930 Apr 10
Albany, OR, US Census, as photographer; res 1224 e 7th; it is unknown why the res address does not match the years before and after this census
Salem, OR, city directory no occupation shown; res 960 n 20th
Salem, OR, city directory as Kodak Finishing at 164 n Broadway; res 960 n 20th (wife Alma B)
Salem, OR, city directory as Kodak finisher at 164 n Liberty; res 960 n 20th (wife Alma B)
1936 Mar 03
Marion, OR, wife Alma dies of septicemia (shown as Ammie)
1940 Apr 01
Yuba City, CA, US census no occupation shown; living with daughter Clyde and her husband
B P Skewis dies in Yuba City, CA, at age 85

Since it is imprinted Windom, MN, the cabinet card at the left would have been finished between about 1885 and 1910.

The Skewis Studio in Windom, MN, circa 1895
(Photo courtesy of Ektarama on Flickr, the great grandson of Benjamin P Skewis)

Enlargement of sign

photographer: Skewis
location not legible - poor scan
example from auction site

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