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Charles S Hart

Photographer: Charles S Hart
over post office
Watertown, NY
example from rfinch

Charles S Hart (1836 - 1915)

1836 Sep 01
Charles S. Hart was born in Quebec, Canada
NY state census as daguerreotype artist in Watertown, NY (Boarding at same address as Charles P Wescott , 27, also a “daguerreotype artist”; shows place of birth for both as “Oneida”)
1860 Jun 11
US census as daguerrian artist in Watertown, NY
Charles Hart marries Elizabeth M Haas
NY state census as photographer in Watertwon, NY
1880 Jun 11
New York state census as photographer
Watertown, NY, city directory as photographer at Marble Block

US census, as photographer; res 4 Jerry Ct, Watertown, NY
Watertown, NY, city directory as photographer at 13 Paddock Arcade; res 4 Ten Eyck
Watertown, NY, city directory no occupation given, res 134 Ten Eyck
1915 Dec 23
Charles S. Hart dies in Watertown, NY

It appears Charles S. Hart spent most of his active life in Watertown, NY, and after 1900 in the same studio at 13 Paddock arcade.

This card is imprinted “Over Post Office” so it was probably finished 1900 or prior.
(this card from a contribution by rfinch on

photographer: Hart
Watertown, NY
CDV example from LOST GALLERY

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