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David Ehrlich

Photographer: Prof. Ehrlich
New York
Another example at

The name Ehrlich occurs quite often in records from New York and the east coast of the US in the late 1800’s.

Support has been found in newspaper and magazine articles and ads to confirm that “Prof.” Ehrlich had a photograph studio at 160 E. 66th street in New York City, from 1892 to 1902. Only one article was found in the New York World, 01 March 1894 which shows him as Prof. D. Ehrlich at that address.

In the 1902 New York City, NY, city directory, there appears in the business section, a David Ehrlich, photographer, at 157 E. 75th and in the residential section Davie Ehrlich is an “artist” at 160 E 66th street.
(City Directory) as artist at 184 E 76th
(City Directory) as artist at 200 E 61st
(City Directory) as artist at 200 E 61st
(City Directory) as artist at 160 E 66th
(City Directory) as artist at 160 E 66th
(Photographic Times) Studio at 66th between Lexington and 3rd
1893 Jun 29
(Newspaper ad) photographer studio at 160 E 66th
1894 Feb 03
(classified ad) for “agent” for Prof. Ehrlich elite gallery at 160 E 66th
1894 Mar 01
(Newspaper Ad) studio at 160 E 66th
1895 Mar 04
(Newspaper ad) studio at 160 E 66th
1895 Mar 04
(classified ad) for retoucher for Prof. Ehrlich Gallery
1897 Jun 27
(Newspaper ad) studio at 160 E 66th
(City Directory) David Ehrlich at 160 E 66th is listed as “artist” in the residential section
(City Directory) (same issue as above) Davie Ehrlich listed in business section, photographers, at 175 E. 75th street

New York World
01 Mar 1894

No biographical information has been confirmed as yet.

The cabinet card at the left was probably done between 1882 and 1902.

27 Jun 1897

Portrait of Prof Ehrlich found at NYC library

Photographer: Professor Ehrlich
160 E 66th Street, New York, NY
from the collection of William Creswell on Flickr
Reverse of the card at the left

Photographer: Professor Ehrlich
New York, NY
From the collection of KEN on Flickr

Unfortunately the source on this example has been misplaced. If you can identify it please let me know.

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