Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Edward F Hartley

Photographer: Hartley
309 Madison St, Chicago

Reverse of Card at the left.
"Largest and finest equipped photographic Gallery in the world"
"3 immense floors alive with the best photographic talent possible to procure."
"Cloudy days good as sunshine, studio open every day."

Edward F Hartley
(1849 - 10 Oct 1887)

Edward Hartley was born 1849 in Wadsworth, OH. The date he left Ohio is undetermined but, according to one obituary, had a photograph studio in Jacksonville, IL, before moving to Chicago in 1875.

It is safe to say that he was active as a photographer in Chicago from 1875 to 1887 and any cabinet cards imprinted with the 305 W Madison address would probably be from that era. However, under the management of his brother Charles Hartley, the photograph studio carried on some years after Edward's death and it would certainly be possible that some photographs from the studio continued with the same imprint.

Not much is known about Charles Hartley except for the newspaper article shown here, which speaks for itself.

He apparently carried on the Chicago studio at least until 1897 when he "Eloped" with Mrs. Mudge to Utah.

The cabinet cards here could have been finished 1875 to 1894.

Photographer: Hartley
309 Madison, Chicago

update 30 Jul 2018

C F Hartley
210-220 Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL
example from auction site
update 7 Aug 2018

Photographer Hartley
309 Madison, Chicago, IL
Example from auction site
update 14 Aug 2018

photographer: Hartley
309 Madison, Hicago, IL
example from lauralemur on Flickr
update 14 Aug 2018

photographer; Hartley
309 Madison, Chicago, IL
example from mj aux on Flickr

photographer C W Hartley
Matoon, IL
example from mj aux on Flickr
finished probably after C F Hartley "eloped" and left Chicago.

photographer: Hartlety's Studios
example from Curt J on Flickr

Photographer: Hartley
309 Madison, Chicago, IL
example from auction site

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  1. I have a Hartley Cabinet Photo of wedding couple absolutely gorgeously framed. It is in a shadow box with the original tiara, etc inside the shadow box frame.

    1. Sounds very beautiful. I have never seen one like that. Seems there are lots of Hartley photographs still around. Most are in albums.


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