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Elizabeth Ingle

Photographer: Ingles'
South side of square
Gainseville, Texas

Elizabeth Ingle
(Nov 1874 - )

Records have been found to show that Elizabeth Ingle and husband Henry lived and worked at 16 ½ Main, Gainesville, TX, from 1888 to 1915. Elizabeth is listed as photographer in the city directories for 1907, 1910, 1913, 1915 and 1917, the only directories available, but as no occupation in the US census of 1900 and 1910.

In the 1900 US census and all four of the city directories Henry Ingle is shown as “physician” but the 1910 US census and his death certificate show him as “dentist”.

In April through June of 1888, Henry ran an ad several times describing himself as “physician” and keeping up his “dental practice” also. Photography is not mentioned.

An odd item a Gainesville Daily Hesperian from 1892 notes that Elizabeth Ingle died on February 22 of that year. Obviously she did not. It is also doubtful that there were two women of the same name, living in the small town of Gainesville, TX, at the same time.

Henry dies in 1917, age 83, leaving Elizabeth a 42 year old widow. The 1920 US census shows 8 year old niece Bessie Lumley living with Elizabeth who is listed again as photographer at 16 north Main. Sometime after 1920, Elizabeth and Bessie move to Seminole, OK. The 1930 US census shows Elizabeth and Bessie living in Seminole, but with no occupation.

The cabinet card on the left must have been finished between 1907 and 1920 or close to that period. Note the name is imprinted on the card as “Ingles’” with an apostrophe.

Henry's career in photography is a little more elusive. He seems to have dabbled in many professions and some law suits. No records were found that show exactly when he had a photography studio.

Gainesville Daily Hesperian - 21 Apr 1888

photographer: H. Ingle

Gainesville Daily Hesperian - 8 May 1888

Gainesville Daily Hesperian - 06 Jun 1888

Gainesville Daily Hesperian - 15 Oct 1891

Unfortunately, not every issue of this paper is available so none of these stories can be followed.

Gainesville Daily Hesperian - 28 February 1892

Daily Hesperian - 05 May 1896

Daily Hesperian - 27 Jan 1897

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