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Eugene Warren Smith

E. W. Smith
Pittsburg, Kan.

Eugene Warren Smith

born in Indiana
US census as helper in father’s store in Springfield, IN
US census as photographer
Many gossipy news items and small display ads chronicle his presence in Pittsburgh, KS
1894 Jan 31
moves studio from above Ramsey Bros store to West 3rd St.
1894 Feb-Mar
multiple small ads telling E W Smith has moved his studio
news item storm damages studio
US census as photographer in Pittsburg, KS, res 308 e 9th
1903 - 1906
as photographer at 106 ½ w 3rd

1908 - 1919
as photographer at 614 ½ n Broadway
1926 - 1928
as photographer at 406 ½ n Broadway
Pittsburg, KS, city directory as photographer at 410 ½ n Broadway
Pittsburg, KS, city directory as photographer, no business address
dies at age 84, still a photographer

Although E. W. Smith travelled a lot he apparently never established a studio anywhere but Pittsburg, KS.

He moved at least three times. Since there is no studio address on this cabinet card, it could have been finished any time between 1880 and 1936 when he died.

The style of the card suggests 1890-1900.

All newspaper clippings are from the Pittsburg Daily Headlight.

31 Jan 1894

7 Feb 1894

February, March and April of 1894

5 Nov 1895

7 Nov 1895

29 Apr 1897

17 May 1900

18 Dec 1908

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