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F J Kesler

Photographer: Kesler
Newport, Arkansas

Felix J Kesler
(1842 - 1910)

Although the connections are a bit sketchy, it appears that the photographer at Newport, AR, was Felix John Kesler (1842-1910). There are no documents showing he was ever in Newport, AR, but at the time, no other photographers named Kesler were any closer. F. J. Kesler lived in St. Louis, MO, from 1900 to his death in 1910. Saint Louis is just about 200 miles from Newport.

Although it is fairly certain that he moved to Saint Louis, MO, in 1900, between then and 1910 his appearances in the Saint Louis city directories is spotty, as if he may have moved around a bit.

Timeline facts
1842 Sep 14
Montgomery, TX, state records, Felix John Kesler is born to Anthony Kesler and Henrietta Krohe
1864 Dec
Beardstown, IL, Tax Assesment record, Felix Kesler as Retail Dealer
1865 Nov 30
Beardstown, IL F J Kesler marries Henrietta Louisa Kuhl

1888 Nov 17
Beardstown, IL, son Adolph D. Kesler is born
Saint Louis, MO, city directory, Felix Kesler is NOT listed
Saint Louis, MO, city directory Felix Kesler as photographer at 3547 s Broadway; res 16 s Fourth av; Note William Kesler, res 16 s Fourth, and George H Kesle, res 212 Market, are also listed as photographers
Saint Louis, MO, city directory Felix Kesler as photographer at res 20 s Fourth, res same
1900 Jun 08
St. Louis, MO, US census Felix Kesler as photographer at s 4th st
1901 - 1903
Saint Louis, MO, city directory. Felix Kesler is NOT listed
Saint Louis, MO, city directory lists John Kesler as Insurance agent at 2730 Lucas (This is probably not the photographer)

1905 - 1907
NOT in Saint Louis, MO, business section, res section not available
Saint Louis, MO, city directory as photographer at 6130 Clayton
Saint Louis, MO, city directory, F Kesler is NOT listed
Saint Louis, MO, city directory Felix Kesler as photographer; res 6130 Clayton av
1910 Apr 27
St Louis, MO, US census as Felix Kesler as photographer at 6013 Besthold st, Saint Louis, MO
1910 Oct 15
dies in Saint Louis, MO, at age 68

No documents have been found placing Felxz J Kesler in Arkansas at any time. Of course the stay may have been very short and simply was not caught by a census or other document. And it is still possible there was another photographer Kesler still undocumented.

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