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Fayette W Knight

Photographer: Knight's Studio
Greenville, Tex.

Fayette W Knight
No biographical information has been found to date

Sources, city directories; US census; “Pioneer Photographers from the Mississippi to the Continental Divide” by Peter E. Palmquist and Thomas R. Kailbourn; “Lens on Texas Frontier” by Lawrence T. Jones III; Texas State Gazetteer; Brazos Past: Waco’s wild world of 19th century photography by Terri Jo Ryan;; Catching Shadows: A Directory of 19th-Century Texas Photographers,” by David Haynes

Memphis, TN, NO listing for F W Knight

Memphis, TN, (src: as photographer for Bingham and Brother, room 218 Main
Memphis, TN, NO listing for F W Knight
Austin, TX, city directory not listed
Austin, TX, (src: Brazos Past) as photographer partnered with William David Jackson
(src: Photographers Mississippi to Continental Divide) “John J Mullins was in partnership with Fayette W. Knight in the Mullins and Knight photographic studio at 55 ½ Austin Street, Waco, (TX) in 1878 and 1879.” (src: Brazos Past adds 1880) (src: Catching Shadows
US census Waco, TX, William T Muse listed as photographer at 104 Austin st, Waco; George Johnson as photographer at 107 n 4th;
Texas State Gazetteer, Page 477, Greenville, TX, as photographer (listed as F M Knight)

TSG page 407 Greenville, TX, as photographer

1884 Mar 27
McKinney (TX) Democrat news item about Greenville, TX, fire, losses to businesses include F W Knight
Greenville, TSG as photographer (Listed as Fayette W. Knight)

1885 (circa)
photograph by Fayette W Knight, of the street in Greenville, TX, showing Bush’s Drug store with Knight’s Gallery on the second floor (src: Lens on Texas Frontier)
1885 Jul 07
Dallas (TX) Daily Herald -Greenville news- F W Knight is selected for Grand Jury duty
Greenville (TX) Banner small ad “Dr T W Blanchard, dentist, in Knight’s Gallery, over Bush’s Drug Store, Greenville, Texas”

TSG page 580 Greenville, TX, as photographer
1890 Nov 13
Fort Worth Weekly Gazette news item from Graham, Young County, TX, F W Knight has been elected district and county clerk (is this the same Knight?)
TSG Greenville, TX (src; Catching Shadows) as photographer
1892 May 12
Southern Mercury blurb ad for newspaper quoting F W Knight
1895 Jun 01
Greenville (TX) Banner J A Lindgren takes over Knight Gallery moving from Cleburne, TX
Greenville, TX, business guide as F “A” Knight (src: Catching Shadows)
1907 Jun 21
Abilene (TX) Reporter mention F W Knight as delegate to Central West Texas Association of Commercial Clubs (the same Knight?)

At the right is an example from photographer Lindgren, apparently done after June 1895 when Lindgren took over the Greenville studio from Knight

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