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Fred Bradbrook

F. Bradbrook
Red Cloud, Neb.
example from LOST GALLERY

Fred Bradbrook
(1853 – 1905)

Timeline information mostly from newspaper items

Ohio, state records, Fred Bradbrook is born to Henry Bradbrook and Luvictia Bradbrook
1870 Jun 01
Toledo, Iowa, US census, Fred Bradbrook as Painter living at a hotel
1884 Mar 21
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item says Fred Bradbrook has moved his gallery to the rear of Sherer’s drug store
Rec Cloud (NE) Chief news item says Bradbrook has secured the services of B F Lewis of Mora’s Gallery, 707 Broadway, New York for two weeks
1885 Dec 01
Red Cloud, NE, state records, Fred Bradbrook and Theressa Akhoffer are married
1888 Aug 17
Red Cloud (NE) Chief, Bradbrook advertises for an assistant at the
“moon block” studio

1889 Sep 13
Red Cloud (NE) Chief, small ad says Bradbrook studio is at “moon block”
1892 Apr 15
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item says Herman Nau after working for Bradbrook for four years, nas opened his own studio in Lawrence
1892 Jun 10
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item says that W M Guidits, portrait artist, will be at the Bradbrook studio for a short time only
1895 Mar 01
Hiawatha, KS, state census, Fred Bradbrook as photographer
Red Cloud, NE, US census, Fred Bradbrook as photographer
1901 May 24
Red Cloud (NE) Chief, news item says that Bradbrook is partners with Schultz
1902 Jul 18
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item says Bradbrook and Schultz have sold their car studio to J Ross of Riverton and have removed their equipment
1905 Feb 03
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item shows that the F Bradbrook studio is on Fourth Ave

1905 Apr 14
Rec Cloud (NE) News item says Bradbrook is in Burlington, CO
1905 Apr 28
Red Cloud 9NE) News item says Bradbrook has returned from his Colorado trip
1906 Feb 06
Red Cloud (NE) Chief, news item says Bradbrook as gone to Beartice for cancer treatment
1906 Apr 27
Red Cloud (NE) Chief news item says F Bradbrok has purchased three lots, planning to build
1906 Oct 01
Red Cloud, NE, Fred Bradbrook dies at age 52

From about 1900 until his death in 1906 Bradbrook was apparently in a partnership with Charles Schultz. No further information has been found about Charles Schultz at this time.

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
21 Mar 1884

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
19 Sep 1884

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
31 Oct 1884

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
08 Dec 1885

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
03 Aug 1888

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
17 Aug 1888

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
13 Sep 1889

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
15 Apr 1892

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
10 Jun 1892

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
24 May 1901

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
18 Jul 1902

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
14 Apr 1905

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
28 Aor 1905

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
16 Feb 1906

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
27 Apr 1906

Red Cloud (NE) Chief -
09 Nov 1906

Red Cloud (NE)Chief -
05 Oct 1906

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