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Frederick Alonzo Trader

Emporia, Kansas.

F. A. Trader
518 Commercial Street
Emporia, Kansas

reverse of card at left
Trader was in Emporia, KS, in 1887 and 1888

Frederick Alonzo Trader
(7 Oct 1846 - 21 Nov 1922)

Oct 1 born in Waukegan, IL
1860 Jun 12
US census F. A. Trader is now 14 and the family has moved to McGregor, IA
1870 Aug 8
US census as photographer, living at same rooming house as Katherine Dwight
1870 Dec 12
Illinois Marriage Index now married to Katherine D. Dwight
US census as photographer in Brunswick, MO
sometime during this period Trader works in Topeka, KS
1885 Oct 8
Osage County (KS) Chronicle Trader news item purchases Fred Wheeler’s Gallery and has settled in Burlingame after working in Topeka.

1886 Apr 23
Marion Record news item Trader and wife settles in Marion, KS
1886 May 13
Neosho (MO) Vivifier news item Trader in Emporia, KS
1886 Jun 21
Osage County (KS) Chronicle news item mention of Trader’s Gallery now in Burlingame, KS
Emporia, KS, city directory as photographer at 518 Commercial; res same
Mar 01 Emporia (KS) Weekly News item about renovation of Trader Gallery at 518 Commercial in Emporia, KS
1893 Jun 25
Wichita (KS) Daily Eagle news item about Trader and wife staying at the Manhattan Hotel in Wichita, KS
1894 Feb 05
Wichita Beacon news item Trader robbed of diamond stick pin

Wichita, KS, city directory as photographer; res 341 n Topeka (probably the studio address also)
US census as photographer at Bates, MO, on 1st street
1914 Nov 12
(Death Certificate) wife Catherine D. dies in Kenton County, KY
1915 Sep 30
Osage County (KS) Chronicle Trader buys Wheeler Gallery in Burlingame, KS
1916 Apr 06
Osage County (KS) Chronicle news item Trader sells gallery in Burlingame, KS, to J L Lyn
US census widowed, as operator of a news stand in Nevada, MO
dies in Covington, KY as photographer

These two cabinet cards must have been finished around 1887 or 1888.

Osage County Chronicle - 08 Oct 1885

Osage County Chronicle - 08 Apr 1886

Osage County Chronicle - 07 Oct 1886

Wichita Beacon - 05 Feb 1894

photographer: Trader
Emporia, KS,
example from pinterest
(Trader was in Emporia in 1887 and 1888)

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  1. This was very helpful to me as I'm trying to match some F.A. Trader photos with people on my family tree.


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