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G Podoll

Photographer: G. Podoll & Co.
333 Third Street, Milwaukee
Also headquarters for the Northwestern View Co.
Nothing on reverse

It appears that G Podoll lived a long and productive life, mostly in Milwaukee, WI. However, his photography career at 333 3rd Street in Milwaukee, WI, can be documented only by city directory as lasting from 1886 to 1891 when he apparently gave up the studio to Nicholas Scharff.

No biographical information is certain although it appears he never married.

photographer G Podol & Co
333 Third Street, Milwaukee
Example from Rangefinder Online

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  1. I have a cabinet card of my 2nd ggrandparents and at the bottom it indicates "Podoll, 333 Third Street, Milwaukee" as the photographer. I know that the active dates were from 1886-1891, but the gentleman in the picture died in 1879 in Sweden. His wife died in Sweden in 1901. Was there a process of putting a photo on this kind of card when they were not actually in the studio?

    1. Thanks for your question. Yes, I believe there are two ways this could happen. Of course, as long as the negative still exists, a photograph can be printed even decades after it was made originally. But more likely the Podol cabinet cards you have were made by copying an earlier photograph and mounting a new print on a contemporary card. Copying an older photograph was not an uncommon practice in the days of the cabinet card. Some photographers even advertised this service. A copy will seldom be as crisp in detail as the original, but unless one has the original to compare, it would be difficult to spot the difference.

  2. That's good news because this photographer was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the other 2nd ggrandparents' sons, the eldest living in Chicago, may have lived in Milwaukee during that time and that probably means that the parents never came here and stayed in Sweden which I initially surmised. I will go with that because the Swedish emigration/clerical parish books never indicated that they left for America and the parish pastors were very good with keeping records, especially where tithing and attending church kept the parish solvent...makes more sense. Thank you for your follow up!


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