Friday, May 18, 2018

George G Shellabarger

Horton, Kas

George G Shellabarger
(01 Nov 1848 - 22 Jul 1933)
1848 Nov 1
born in Mad River, OH
US census at age 2 in Mad River, OH
US census at age 12 in Mad River, OH
news item says Shellabarger was in Topeka for two years
city directory as photographer in Topeka, KS, Adine and Shellabarger
city directory as photographer in Emporia, KS
1877 May
news item opens gallery in Valley Falls, KS, in May
US census as photographer at Valley Falls, KS
1880 Oct 9
news item gallery in Valley Falls, KS
1882 Feb 8
news item father’s obituary says Shellabarger lives in Valley Falls

1890 Aug 2
news item gallery in Valley Falls, KS
1896 Jan 17
news item working in Horton, KS
1900 Sep 28
news item residence in Horton, KS
1901 Jan 4
news item residence at Horton, KS
1905 Nov 10
news item residence in Horton, KS
Sells out studio in Horton, KS to Wesley Blackmore
news item studio at Marion, IN
US census as photographer Marion, IL
studio at Winona, MN
1912 Apr 18
news item return to Horton, KS
US census as photographer in Horton, KS
1933 Jul 22
dies in Glen Ellyn, IL at age 84

This cabinet card could have been finished between 1896 and 1905 or when he returned to Horton, KS, in 1912. The design of the card indicates 1889-1896.

Brown County (Horton) World -
19 Apr 1912

New Addition - 18 May 2018

Photographer: Shelabarger
Horton, KS

Note: the logo on this card is the same as the above card, but there is no line border. This one was probably finished at an earlier date.

Photographer: Shelabarger
Horton, Kans
example from auction site

Note: the deckled edge on this card would indicate a later date.

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