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Henry Melville Judd

Photographer: H. M. Judd
87 Front Street
Chicopee Falls, Mass.

This is the reverse of the card on the left. Note the address is "Front" street. On the next card, the name is changed to "Main" street.
(See Below)

Photographer: H. M. Judd
87 Main Street
Chicopee Falls, Mass

This is the reverse of the card on the left. Note the address is "Main" street.

Henry Melville Judd (10 Sep 1848 - 20 May 1921)

H. M. Judd was born in Whately, MA. His mother died when he was 12 and his father died when he was 14. He never married and lived in boarding houses and rented rooms all his life.

From Whatley, MA, he moved to Middlebury, MA, at age 12.
He is found in Amherst, MA, in 1870 living next door to another photographer when he was 22.
Then in 1877 he is in Springfield, MA, age 29. He sets up his own studio there over a drug store.
Here is a timeline of his studio locations based on documents found.
1877 - 1882 studio over Knox Drug store
1883 studio at 42 Front
1889 - 1890 at 87 Front
1890 - 1892 at 87 Main (street name change)
1895 - 1912 at 13 Church. Chicopee Falls, MA
1913 - 1920 unknown
1921 at 71 Market.

Using these dates the card at the left imprinted with 87 Front Street, must have been finished between about 1884 and 1890. The other card from 87 Main Street would have been done between 1890 and 1895.

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