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Henry A Wenzel

Cabinet Card Family of five
Photographer: Wenzel
Plain City Ohio
finished between 1895 and 1916

There is a splendid accounting of Wenzel, the photographer, at The Plain City Historical Society.

Henry A. Wenzel
(11 Jan 1863 - 4 Dec 1925)

Data from US census and Ohio city directories and narrative from Shirley Ann Gher from Plain City Historical Society;(Note: sources do not agree on all facts and/or dates)

1863 Jan 11

Columbus, OH, Henry Wenzel is born to Henry W and Frederica Wenzel
Columbus, OH, city directory Henry Wenzel at age 16 works as apprentice for the G C Urlin studio
Columbus, OH, city directory, Henry Wenzel works as photographer or apprentice for the studio of G C Urlin; Urlin partners with John Pheifer briefly during that period; also, Henry Wenzel works with Lorenzo N Baker for a brief period in 1886 (sources do not agree on when Baker worked with Wenzel, but it was sometime between 1886 and 1895)
Columbus, OH, state records, Henry Wenzel and Nellie C Wilson are married
Columbus, OH, city directory, Henry Wenzel as photographer with Goble and Wenzel; studio at 262 ½ S High St

Columbus, OH, city directory, Henry Wenzel has brief partnership with Baker Gallery, High & State; making two day trips to Plain City, OH
Plain City, OH, Historical Society, Henry Wenzel opens permanent studio
Plain City, OH, US census, Henry Wenzel as photographer
Plain City, OH, Historical Society, finished new house on West Main St.
Plain City, OH, US census Henry Wenzel as photographer
Plain City, OH, Henry Wenzel photographs tornado damage
Plain City, OH, city directory, Henry Wenzel as photographer
Springfield, OH, US census & city directories Henry Wenzel works for Robbins & Myers (Electric Motors)
1925 Dec 24
Columbus, OH, state records, Henry Wenzel dies age 62

An example of a card from Baker's Studio while it was operated by ALfred C Thurston and H Thurston. Note the photographers names are added with a rubber stamp.

Baker's Art Gallery
Columbus, OH
from History in Photos Blog

Wenzel worked as apprentice for Urlin and Pfeifer for about 8 years, 1879-1887

photographer: Urlin and Pfeifer
Mammoth Art Palace, Columbus, OH
example source unknown

photographer: Wenzel
Plain City, OH
from Plain City Historical Society
Wenzel was in Plain City from 1895 to 1916

photographer: Wenzel
Plain City, Ohio
example from auction site
Wenzel was in Plain City from 1895 to 1916

photographer Goebel and Wenzel
Columbus, OH
from about 1889 to 1894

photographer: Wenzel
Columbus, OH
example from auction site

Not the one you were looking for?
Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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