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Ira Otis Goodenough

Photographer: Otis Goodenough
Farmington, IA.
The Leading Photographer

Ira Otis Goodenough (11 Aug 1873 - 28 Mar 1934)
Otis Goodenough carried on the photography business of his father, Gilbert C. Goodenough (1833-1916)
There is no indication that he was ever in any other business. Census and city directory records from 1900 to 1930 show him as photographer, but he probably started as early as 1893 when he married Ladella Freshwater.

His main studio was in Farmington, IA, but at one time he had studios in Kahoka and Cantril, IA.

photographer: Goodenough
Farmington, IA
example from auction site

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  1. I have 2 photos of my Farmington, Iowa family with imprint of O. Goodenough. Nothing like the 2 above. Does anyone have an idea when Mr. Goodenough used this card stock?

    1. Probably not. The basic idea is that the simpler stock is earlier. Straight edge and square corners. Then came rounded corners. Deckled or scalloped edges came later. Gilded edges and dark color stock came later too. The fancier imprint will be later stock too. But the photographers were known to use up old stock for promotions and sales. So blank cards they may have purchased for stock in 1880 might be used in 1890. It would take a lot of information and lots of examples to create a pattern of dating based on mounting card designs. I certainly wish it were possible. It would really be helpful.

      Hopefully, a card might turn up from a family album or someone’s collection that has the same design and is identified and dated by the original owner. That would narrow the time frame a lot.


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