Monday, February 17, 2020

J L Merlins

Photographer J. L. Merlins
Paris Texas

John Louis Mertins
(Johan Ludwig Mertins)

1848 Mar 31
Hamburg, Germany, US census, John Louis Mertins is born to Carl Mertins and Angelek Mertins
New York, NY, Passenger list and US census, JL Mertins arrival in US
Unknown location, US census, J L Mertins and Sarah H are married; (probably in Texas)
1900 Jun 07
Wolfe City, TX, US census John L Mertins as photographer; res 145 North Prestion
1906 December
Wolfe City, TX, Jefferson (TX) Jimplecute (newspaper) item says John L Mertins has patented an adjustable metallic trunk strap
1910 Apr 16
Wolfe City, TX, US census John L Mertins as photographer;
1920 Jan 15
Wolfe City, TX, US census John L Mertins as photographer: res: Main Street
Wolfe City, TX, Findagrave, Wife Sarah H dies at age 78

1930 Apr 03
Wolf City, TX, US census, John L Mertins as photographer; res Preston Street
1930 Sep 15
Wolfe City, TX, Findagrave, state records, John Louis Mertins dies of arteriosclerosis at age 82

There is a curious conflict of dates on the 1930 US census. The census shows J L Mertins’ first marriage was at age 22 which would be 1870. The spouse is listed in 1930 as “Ellen’ at age 67, born 1963. Her age at first marriage is listed as 35, or in 1898. Clearly it is the second marriage for each.

Given the record makers often misspelling the name from Mertins to Martin and Johan to John, it is not surprising there is confusion. Also, the name was seen in other places as John Lewis and Johan Louis.

But, the interest here is only about when he was photographer. It appears he can be documented as photographer in Wolfe City, TX between 1900 and 1930. Wolfe City is less than fifty miles from Paris, TX. He was probably photographer there before but, no documents have been found to support this.

There are no city directories available for Wolfe City, TX, so a little more detail is not possible.

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