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James Madison Elliott

James Madison Elliott

J. M. Elliott and his brother George Rodiman Elliott were both photographers. While George moved around a lot and often worked in studios of other photographers, James established his own studio on south High Street and didn’t move much. His first documented studio was at 101 then 107 then 95 and finally 111 ½, all on south High Street. He stayed at 111 ½ south High Street from 1888 until his death in 1899

James M. Madison’s widow Idell, held on to the studio at 111 ½ High and kept it running. In 1911 she remarried to Frank Myers, she was again widowed within a year. She kept the studio until 1924 when she apparently retired at 49 and moved to California.

photographer: J. M. Elliott
95 S High St
Columbus O

All news ads and items are from the Columbus, OH, Daily Ohio Statesman unless otherwise noted.
1842 Jan 31
James M Elliott born in Plymouth, MI
1860 (age 18)
living at home working as blacksmith
1863 Dec 03
news item list of photographers in Columbus, OH, who are making charitable donations
Columbus, OH, city directory as photographer at 101 s High
1868 March through 1869 Jan
small newspaper ad, photographer at 107 High st, Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH city directory as photographer at 107 s High
1875 - 1886
Columbus, OH city directory as photographer at 95 High
1886 Nov 25
ad in Cincinnati paper J. M. Elliott through with politics
Columbus, OH, city directory, brother George R. is working at Elliott gallery
1888 - 1899
Columbus, OH, city directory as photographer at 111 ½ s High
1899 Sep 03
James dies at age 57 in Columbus, OH; reported by the Sandusky Star 1899 Sep 04

1900 - 1910
Columbus, OH, city directory Idell Elliott as Widow, proprietor of Elliott Gallery
1911 - 1912
Idell as Mrs Idell Myers proprietor of Elliott studio at 111 ½ s High
1912 - 1924
Mrs Idell Elliott as proprietor of Elliott studio at 111 ½ s High (changed name back)
1925 - 1926
Idell NOT in Columbus, OH, city directory residential or business section
1936 Sep 28
Idell Elliott is found on a passenger manifest for a ship sailing into New York. List includes place of birth as Nevada, OH. It also includes her 1936 address as 840 Serrano av which agrees with a city directory listing that year.
1936 Sep 13
Idell is now living in Las Angels, CA
1937 - 1938
Las Angles, CA, listings in city directory at 840 Ceranno
1940 - 1941
Las Angles, CA listings in city directory at 511 Cerrano
Idell dies age 66 in Las Angles, CA (No more listings in the city directory)

This cabinet card must have been finished in that period when the studio was at 95 South High, 1875-1886.

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