Friday, September 8, 2017

Johann Gottlieb Siegmund

John Siegmund
Rock Island, Ill

Johann Gottlieb Siegmund
(1841 - 1921)

1841 18 Jul
Germany, Johann Gottlieb Siegmund is born
arrival in the US according to the 1900 US census; (the 1910 US census says 1870)
Moline, IL establishes first studio on 12th street (according to the Miline, IL, city directory of 1882)
marriage to Margaret
1882 - 1892
Moline, IL, city directory as photographer at 1612 12th st

Moline, IL, city directory as laborer; res w 12th st
1899 - 1920
Moline, IL, city directory as fruit grower and gardener, e 17th
1921 Mar 30
Siegmund dies in Rock Island, IL

John Siegmund was photographer at the same address for 11 years, 1871 to 1882. It appears he closed his studio on 12th street and worked for other photographers for about a year before dropping the business altogether. He became a fruit grower and worked in agriculture and gardening for the rest of his life.

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