Wednesday, September 6, 2017

John C McCahon

Photographer: McCahon, J. C.
Newark, Ohio

John C. McCahon
(1828 - 1896)

Born in Ireland
(Ohio Photographers) McCahan in Utica,
(Ohio Photographers) Cottage Photograph Gallery in Roscoe and Utica
(Ohio Photographers) McCahan, D Westerville
(Columbus, OH, city Directory) Not in this directory
(Columbus, OH, city directory) as photographer at Beal Block

(Ohio Photographers) I. Westerville
(Ohio Photographers) Opened studio in Newark, OH
Suffers stroke, wife Isabella and daughters Blanche and Bertha continue the studio
John McCahon dies
1896 - 1918
Blanche carries on the business in Newark, OH, and then moves to Mansfield, OH
1920’s approx.
Blanche opens own studio
Blanch ends operations.

The cabinet card at the left must have been done around 1880 to 1918 before Blanche moved to Mansfield, OH. While she maintained the studio after her father’s death, she probably used the printed cards in stock.

Newark (OH) Advocate
20 Jun 1894

Not the one you were looking for? Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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