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John N Lutz

Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind
(listed under DeVol also)

There was no scarcity of the Lutz name in the 19th century. There were several living in Ohio and four in Cincinnati. Three of them migrated from Baden, Germany. But they otherwise seem unrelated.

Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind

John N. Lutz seems the most likely. He lived in several cities in Ohio and Kentucky before settling somewhat in Portsmouth, OH.

Portsmouth Daily Times - 15 Nov 1873

John N. Lutz
(1842 - 1891)

born in Baden, Germany
migrated to America
1860? - 1865
worked for W. S. Porter studio
marriage to Annie L. Justice
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as photographer working for J. W. Winder
Pomeroy, OH, city directory as photographer on Front st
moved to Portsmouth, OH
1874 Feb 07
Portsmouth Daily Times news item Gallery on 2nd st
1878 Nov 09
Portsmouth Daily Times classified ad gallery still on 2nd st
Ohio Photographer’s Directory; studio burns in Portsmouth and is rebuilt
Portsmouth Daily Times news item J. N. Lutz is vacationing in Atlantic City
1891 Jan 07
newspaper items Lutz commits suicide by taking cyanide and dies in Portsmouth, OH
1894 Mar 23
Cincinnati Enquirer small ad Mrs Lutz looking for someone to buy or rent the gallery on 2nd st


Only one document was found that might relate to the Devol of this partnership. In the 1866 Omaha, Nebraska, city directory there is listed G. C. Devol, photographer. This would mean that G. C. DeVol would have been born in the 1840’s or earlier. The possibility is strengthened only by the fact that most likely photographer Lutz found was born in 1842, making them possibly of similar age.

However, neither of these two can be documented as being in Sullivan, IN, so it is mostly speculation.

Lima (OH) News - 08 Jan 1891

photographer Lutz
Portsmouth, O
from the collection of KEN on Flickr

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