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Joseph Harris Wright

Photographer J. H. Wright
Ottawa, Kas.
(finished circa 1891)

There were several people with the name J. H. Wright in the late 19th century. Two or three of them seemed to be photographers in the mid-west at one time or another.

The right one was finally sorted out with the discovery of a newspaper article describing a marriage of “Mattie Geer” of Oswego, KS, to photographer J. H. Wright from Macon, MO, in 1899.

Macon Republican - 12 Dec 1899

Here is an interesting bit from her obituary: "Mattie lived and worked in a saloon, cleaning up for her room and board. She had to fend for herself and it was in Cherryvale, Kansas, that she met up with John Harris Wright and agreed to go with him. She married him in 1899."

There are small almost weekly advertisements in the Osawatomie, KS, newspaper, “The Graphic” that place him in Ottawa, KS, from 13 Jul 1888 to Sep 1889. Two news items from the Ottawa Daily Republic place him with a studio in Ottawa 1891 and 1892.

Osawatomie Graphic - 14 Dec 1888

Ottawa Republican - 17 Jun 1891

Ottawa Republican - 21 Jul 1892

After the marriage in 1899, he and his wife live in Macon, MO until about 1903. After a time in St. Louis, MO, the two spend the rest of their lives in towns in Ohio.

Macon Citizen - 09 Mar 1900

Joseph Harris Wright
(24 Jun 1874 - 10 Mar 1942)

1874 Jun 24
born in Coldwater, MS
1888 Jul 13 thru 1889 Nov 30
newspaper ad photographer at 3rd & Main, Osawatomie, KS
1891 Jun 17
story in Ottawa Daily Republic about remodeled studio
1892 Jul 21
story about Wright skipping town
marriage to Martha E. Gear at Oswego, KS
US census as photographer in Macon, MO.
son Joseph Harris Wright born in Cherryvale, KS
1903 May 30
news item in Macon Republican; Wright goes to work for Denslow’s Studio

Macon Republican - 30 May 1903

US census as photographer in St. Louis, MO
1916 Sep 12
draft registration as photographer at 21 W College, Lorain, OH
US census as photographer Lorain, OH
US census as photographer 139 E Main, Franklin, OH
US census as photographer at Revenna, OH
US census as photographer at 617 Main, Ravenna, OH
Death at 67 in Akron, OH.

This cabinet card (above left) was probably finished between 1888 and 1892, quite likely 1891.

Macon Republican - 09 Mar 1900

photographer: Wright
Ottawa, KS
example from auction site
(finished circa 1891)

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