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Joseph J Jennings

This is a special page for two cabinet cards by a very interesting photographer from the collection of rfinch on

Photographer: Jennings
from the collection of
rfinch on

Photographer: Jennings
from the collection of
rfinch on

Joseph J Jennings
(1851 - 1935)

1851 Jun
Joseph Jennings born in England
Jennings arrives in the US
Belleville (KS) Telescope item mentions coming to Republic County in 1879
Belleville (KS) Telescope item opening new studio in Belleville
Courtland (KS) Register item new gallery nearly ready for operation
1892 Aug 18
Hubbard, Marion, OR, birth of daughter Margaret Louise Jennings
1895 Jan 21
Scandia, KS, birth of son Alfred Jennings
1895 Mar 01
Kansas state census Scandia, KS, as photographer
1898 Jul 01
Courtland (KS) Register ad for Courtland gallery

1900 Jun 22
US census, Albion, KS, as photographer
Belleville (KS) Telescope item mentions studios in Belleville and Narka, KS
1905 Mar 01
Kansas state census, Scandia, KS, as photographer
1909 May 14
Belleville (KS) Telescope item Jennings and another photographer preparing another gallery in Belleville
1910 Apr 27
US census Scandia, KS, as photographer (appears on two pages of the census, 8 and 14)
1913 Oct 02
Courtland (KS) Register item mentions galleries in Scandia and Narka
1915 Feb
Scandia, KS, as photographer
US census, Scandia, KS, as photographer
Kansas state census, as photographer
1930 Feb 13
Belleville (KS) Telescope item mentions gallery opening in Narka, KS

Continued on next row

US census Scandia, KS, as no occupation
1935 22 Oct
Joseph Jennings dies in San Diego, CA
1935 Nov 14
Belleville (KS) Telescope item tells of the death of Joseph Jennings in San Diego, CA

Joseph Jennings spent most of his career in Scandia, Republic County, Kansas. In all documents between 1895 and 1925 he is listed as photographer. He had a brief stay in Hubbard, OR, in 1892 when daughter Margaret was born. The 1900 US census places him in Albion, KS. All other documents list him in Scandia, KS. He is in fact, in the 1910 US census twice, both in Scandia, KS.

Between 1884 and 1930 news items show that he also had studios in Belleville, Narka and Courtland, KS, all within a 30 mile radius, all connected by a rail line. There are many small towns in the area which might have had a temporary Jennings studio at one time.

The studios mentioned in the newspaper items could have existed for years or perhaps just weeks.

A cabinet card imprinted with the Jennings studio name could have been made any time between 1895 and about 1930 when he appears to retire.

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 12 Jun 1884

Courtland (KS) Register - 09 May 1890

Courtland (KS) Register - 01 Jul 1898

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 15 May 1903

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 14 May 1909

Courtland (KS) Register - 02 Oct 1913

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 27 Jul 1922

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 13 Feb 1930

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 14 Nov 1935

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