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Mrs R M Brown

Photographer: Brown
Belleville, Kansas
From the collection of
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The Belleville (KS) Telegram carries several items about Dr Brown and Mrs R M Brown documenting their stay in that town in 1897 to 1899.

One item, 17 Sep 1897, mentions Dr and Mrs Brown and daughter proposing to locate in Belleville, KS, from Alma, NE.

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 17 Sep 1897

The following month, there was this very descriptive item in the same newspaper.

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 08 Oct 1897

In December 1897, there is this descriptive item in a feature about new businesses in Belleview.

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 10 Dec 1897

Following this, over 70 small ads and items were found in the Belleville (KS) Telescope between the dates of 08 Oct 1897 and 19 May 1899. Examples:

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 10 Dec 1897

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 17 Dec 1897

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 04 Feb 1898

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 18 Feb 1898

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 15 Apr 1898

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 06 May 1898

Continued in the next row

In 1899 this item appeared:

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 21 Apr 1899

On 02 Jun 1899, there appears a short item in the Belleville (KS) Telegram which seems to indicate that Jun 23 and 24 will be customer’s last chance to pick up their orders.

Belleville (KS) Telescope - 22 Jun 1899

Unfortunately nothing has been found so far that documents their travels before or after their stay in Belleville, KS.

Further leads have been inconclusive owing to the fact that there were at least three doctors named Brown in the area. Though there are mentions in area newspapers of the activities of Dr Brown, there is nothing to indicate that it is the same Dr Brown that resided in Belleville, KS, in 1897 to 1899.

It is also unclear whether the initials "R M" belong to Mrs Brown or her husband. Some ads end with “Mrs R M Brown” and others with “R M Brown”

It is fairly conclusive however that the cabinet card here was finished between Oct of 1897 and June of 1899.

photographer Brown
Belleville, KS
example from the LOST GALLERY collection

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