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Randolph Parker Bellsmith

R. P. Bellsmith
148 W 4th
Cincinnati, O.
Randolph Parker Bellsmith
(16 Feb 1857 - 11 May 1910)

born in London, England
arrives in US (1910 census says 1881 but other evidence indicates that must incorrect)
Buffalo (NY) Commercial news ad studio at 292 and 294 Main st
Buffalo (NY) Commercial news ads many ads through the year for Samo and Bellsmith stueio at 292 and 294 Main st
Buffalo (NY) Commercial news item mention Samo and Bellsmith studio
marriage to Mary E. Donogh in Hamilton, Ohio
Columbus, OH city directory as photographer for the Urlin Gallery
Cleveland, OH city directory as photographer but working for another studio

1887 Oct 02
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer ad for Marcaru and Bellsmith studio at 148 w Fourth st
1889 Sep 15
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer ad for Marceau and Bellsmith studio
1890 - 1891
Cincinnati, OH city directory as photographer, Marceau and Bellsmith at 148 w Fourth
Cincinnati, OH city directory Bellsmith had bought out Marceau in studio at 148 w Fourth
Cincinnati, OH city directory Bellsmith has moved the studio from 148 w Fourth to 124 w Fourth
dies at age 53 of Bright’s disease
Cincinnati, OH city directory ad for Bellsmith studio at 122-124-126 w Fourth apparently carried on briefly by son Randolph Ormsby Bellsmith.

The cabinet card at the left must have been finished between 1892 and 1895 while the studio was located at 148 West 4th street.

Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer 02 Oct 1887

Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer 12 May 1910

Example from PhotoTree
finished around 1889-1891

photographer: Bellsmith
124 W 4th St, Cincinnati, OH
example from the Pierce/Vaubel genealogy website

The blind stamp imprint on this card is difficult to make out in this scan. The address appears to be 124 W 4th St., Cincinnati, OH. This would mean that it was probably finished after 1895.

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