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Spengler and Masure

Photographer: Spengler
106 & 108 Stephenson St. Freeport, Ill.

Robert Leonard Spengler
(26 Mar 1886 - 16 May 1979)

R. L. Spengler worked at several occupations including carpenter, dairy farmer and maintenance man. The 1910 US Census shows him as a photographer but working for another studio. He re-appears in a 1912 Freeport city directory as a photographer with his own studio, rooms 13-15 in the Wilcoxon bldg.
Then by 1917 he is a carpenter and no subsequent documents show he ever returned to photography.

The cabinet card to the left must have been done around 1912.

Freeport Journal Standard
06 Mar 1909

Photographer: Spengler and Masure
522 So. Halsted St.

Morris L Masure
(1869 - 1943)


Tosen, Germany, Morris L Masure born to Solomon Masure and Cella Platt
M L Masure arrives in the US
1897 Dec 15
Spengler and Masure studio at 522 s Halstead is mentioned in a labor statistics report to the Illinois state government.
Chicago, IL, US census M L Masure is a photographer at 522 Halstead
M L Masure, Chicago, is mentioned as an exhibitor in the St Louis and Canadian photographer vol 24, 1900
1904 Aug 13
Chicago, IL, Passport Application as photographer
1905 Dec 15
M L Masure studio at 522 Halstead is mentioned in the Annual Report issue 13 of the Illinois dept of Factory Insp for the year ending 15 Dec 1905

1910 Apr 20
Chicago, IL, US census as photographer; res 912 Belmont
1915 Sep 06
Kane, IL, city records M L Masure marries Cyrene Archambault
Rockford, IL, city directory NOT listed residential or business; the deadline for entries in the city directory is probably early in the year which is why it misses the following item
1917 Jul to Dec
Bulletin of Photography vol 21, M L Masure mentioned taking over The Model studio in Rockford, IL, formerly owned by Fred W Tronce

Bulletin of Photography vol 21 1917 Jul to Dec

Rockford, IL, city directory as photographer at The Model Studio, 109 n Main; res 509 Mulberry
Rockford, IL, city directory Model Studio, 109 n Main is listed but Masure is NOT listed in the residential section

Chicago, IL, US census, as photographer; res 2009 Cortez st
Chicago, IL, US census, as photographer; res 1539 Luna av
1943 Mar 13
Aurora, IL, death certificate as retired photographer; M L Masure dies at age 73

Although Masure appears in the 1920 US census, his name is not listed under “photographers” in the 1920 Chicago city directory. This could mean one of two things. First, he may be working for another studio. Second, he may be using a studio name like “Superior” or “Apex” instead of his own name as was the situation in Rockford, IL, with the “Model Studio”. The Chicago city directories of that period do not have residential pages.

There is very limited documentation on this one so far. The best estimate for the cabinet card here is around 1897, that short period when he was working with Spengler. (see above)

photographer: Spengler and Masure
522 So Halsted St, Chicago
example from auction site
probably finished around 1897

photographer: Spengler
106 * 108 Stephenson St, Freeport, WI
(No connection to Spengler of Chicago has been found)
example from auction site

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