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Stanford Brothers

Photographer: Stanford Bros.
Farmersville, Texas

Thomas Jefferson Stanford
(3 Aug 1867 - 14 Nov 1940)

Joseph Bismark Stanford
(17 Apr 1869 - 28 Feb 1948)

John Wesley Stanford
(16 Jun 1873 - 22 mar 1936)

All data for these three men come from US Census, death certificates, marriage licenses and Find-A-Grave index.

All three brothers were photographers at some point in their lives.

Thomas born in Rogersville, AL
Joseph born in Rogersville, AL
John born in Rogersville, AL
1862 - 1901
Joseph lives in Colquitt, GA
1896 Jan
Thomas lives in Ouachita, AR
1896 Dec - 1900
Thomas lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer

1900 Jun 09
Thomas listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 11
John listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 22
Joseph listed as farm laborer in Auteyville, GA
1901 Sep - 1905 Feb
Thomas lives in Royce City, TX
1902 Nov - 1948 Feb 29
Joseph lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer
Thomas is in Taiban, NM, as farmer
1910 May 10
John is in Saint Vrain, NM, as farmer
1910 Apr 20
Joseph is listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1920 - 1940
Thomas is in Childress, TX
John dies in Livingston, TX
Thomas dies in Childress, TX
Joseph dies in Farmersville, TX

The only time that at least two of the brothers were living in Farmersville, TX, at the same time, was in 1900.

Documents show Thomas was in Farmersville, TX, in December of 1896 to 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Taiban, NM.

John was there in 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Saint Vrain, NM.

Joseph moved to Farmersville, TX, in 1902 and stayed until he died in 1948.

This cabinet card credited to Stanford Bros. was probably finished sometime between around 1900 to 1910.

Photographer: J. B. Stanford
Farmersville, Texas
example from LOST GALLERY

At the left is an example of a cabinet card finished by the brother
Joseph Bismark Stanford,
who was in the photography business the longest.

He lived and worked in Farmersville, TX from 1902 on until his death in 1948.

photographer: Stanford Brothers and Gay
Farmersville, TX
example from auction site
probably finished between 1896 and 1900
but that is just speculation as photographer
Gay has not been found

Not the one you were looking for?
Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to LOST GALLERY.

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