Friday, September 8, 2017

Sullivan Brothers

Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
Photographic Art Studio
425 Warren Street
Hudson N. Y.

The reverse of the card at the left.

Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
No 425 Warren St., Hudson, N. Y.

There were many, many Sullivan Brothers in business in New York during the 1800’s. There were attorneys, carriage makers, furniture salesmen, awning makers, show dog owners, Yacht Club members and even a pair of scam artists named Sullivan Brothers.

Fortunately Frederick and Henry Sullivan stayed at one address most their lives. No documents have been found to prove exactly when they died. Their last appearance in a city directory was 1915. Frederick, Henry and their mother Catherine appear in the 1915 New York State census, still at the same address.

In the 1918 City Directory Sullivan Bros. studio at 425 Warren is taken over by James Van Loon and is still listed as Sullivan Brothers Studio.

Frederick Sullivan
(Oct 1851 - 1916-1918)
Henry Sullivan
(Dec 1856 - 1916-1918)

as photographers Fred and A. H. bds at Partition n S Third
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at partition bel Third
1875 - 1885
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at 98 Allen; not in business section
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 98 Allen
1889 - 1899
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 230 Allen
1902 - 1915
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 552 Warren
1916 - 1917
neither Frederick or Henry are in this directory; Mother is still at 552 Warren
Catherine still listed at 522 Warren; 425 Warren now occupied by James VanLoon photographer
1919 - 1920
directory unavailable

The cabinet cards at the left and above were done between 1889 and 1915 unless VanLoon kept the name of Sullivan Brothers imprinted on the cards after 1915.

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