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Wesley Samuel Howard

Photographer: Howard, Ashland, Kansas

This is NOT from the photographer reviewed here.
It is just a coincidence that this Howard worked in Ashland, Kansas, and Wesley Samuel Howard worked in Ashland, Oregon. There was also a Howard and Co, photographer in Ashland, Ohio.

There were at least six photographers, last name Howard, of the right era, around Kansas, who could be the one who worked in Ashland, KS, for this cabinet card. Wesley Howard turns out to be a fair choice, but probably not the correct one.

Wesley Samuel Howard
( Apr 1850 - )

1850 Apr
Wesley Howard born in New York
1880 Apr 14
Wesley Howard marries Elizabeth Gibson in IN
1880 Jun 26
daughter Hattie Howard is born in KS
1884 May
son David G Howard is born in KS
Kansas State census, as photographer in Paola, KS
Pueblo, CO, city directory NOT listed
Pueblo, CO, city directory as photographer at 115 ½ w 4th, res same
Pueblo, CO, city directory as photographer at 115 W 4th; res 117 w 4th

US census Pueblo, CO, as photographer at 115 w 4th st
1900 - 1909
Pueblo, CO, city directory as photographer at 304 n Main; res 1501 Court
Pueblo, CO, city directory Howard Studio now operated by Tripp and York; W S Howard listed as Moved to Ashland, OR
1910 Jun 05
US census Ashland, OR, as fruit farmer
1911 - 1912
Ashland, OR, listed as Fruit Grower at 1064 Ashland
1914 - 1916
Ashland, OR, city directory NOT listed
1920 Jan 10
US census Ashland, OR, city directory as general farmer

Wesley Howard seems to have been a photographer in Paola, KS from about June of 1880 to 1885 when he moved his studio to Pueblo, CO. He operated in Pueblo, CO from about 1889 to about 1909. He then apparently quit the photography business and moved to Ashland, OR to become a fruit farmer.

The card on the left must have been finished between 1880 and 1885. The card below was finished during his work in Pueblo, CO, at 115 w 4th, between 1883 and 1900.

Howard, 118 w 4thPueblo, CO
Contributed by rfinch on

photographer: Howard
115 West 4th, Pueblo, CO
example from auction site
probably finished between 1893 and 1900

reverse of card at left

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