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William Everett McGhie

Photographer: McGhie
N. E. Cor. Square
Columbus, Kans.

William Everett McGhie
(1868 - 1926)

1868 Dec 04
Ohio, US census William Everett McGhie is born to James McGhie and Margaret Jane Culp
1870 Jul 11
Knox, OH, US census William McGhie at almost two years old
1880 Jun 14
Clay Center, KS, US census, William McGhie working on farm
1885 Mar 01
Lincoln, KS, State census, William McGhie working on farm
1891 Aug 14
Barns (KS) Enterprise news item says that W E McGhie has taken a position at a photograph gallery in Mankato, KS
1892 Jul 15
Barnes (KS) Enterprise news item says that W E McGhie is BACK in Barnes, KS, operating his own gallery
1892 Jul 15
Barnes (KS) Enterprise news item says McGhie is the “leading” photographer in Barnes, KS
1892 Dec 09
Barnes (KS) Enterprise news item shows McGhie is still working in Barnes, KS

1893 Feb 10, 24
Chetopa (KS) Advance news item/ad says McGhie has purchased the gallery of Mr Rose
1894 Apr 27
Chetopa (KS) Advance, 1900 US Census, state records, W. E. McGhie and Lulu Etta Dresham marry on May first or second
1894 May 19
Chetopa (KS) Clipper news item says McGhie is moving to Marshal, MO; McGhie has sold his Chetopa gallery to J B Pratt from Garnett, KS
1896 Jun 11
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate news item mentions photograph by W E McGhie, the “new” photographer
1897 Mar 11, Aug 24
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate item describes McGhie gallery in Columbus
1898 Aug 04
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate, item about the McGhie gallery north of the Cherokee County Bank
1899 May 26
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate item says McGhie has photographed the graduating class
1900 Jun 01
Columbus, KS, US census McGhie as photographer

1902 Oct 15
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate item shows W E McGhie is now county clerk for Cherokee County, KS
1902 Nov 24
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate says McGhie is manager of the Opera House
1902 Nov 25
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate small ad says McGhie photography studio is at Northwest Corner of the Square
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate, ads throughout 1903 indicate McGhie is operating a photo studio at the Northeast corner of the Square, while also managing the city Opera House, he acted as City Clerk for the city of Columbus, KS
1903 Jun 25
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate item says McGhie went to Mineral, KS, to photograph a family reunion today (if the family still has this photograph, they will know exactly what day it was taken)
1903 Jul 16
(Columbus, KS) Modern Light item says Roy King has returned to the employ of McGhie in Columbus

1904 May
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate news item says McGhee acquires property to build an Opera House in Columbus, KS
1905 Mar 01
Columbus, KS, State census McGhie as photogapher
1906 Nov 16
Cherokee (KS) County Democrat shows picture of McGhie, president of the Commercial Club
1908 Jan 30
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate, small coupon ad for McGhie studio in Columbus, KS
1909 Aug 12
Frankfort (KS) Index item mentions McGhie donating photographs as prizes a county fair
Columbus, OH, US census McGhie as theater proprietor
1911 Nov 07
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate says McGhie is working for Western Cigar and Tobacco Co
1911 Nov 16
Frankfort (KS) Index news item says McGhie has been appointed postmaster of Columbus, KS, and will take office after the first of the year (1912)
1912 Oct 10
Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate new item shows that McGhie is still postmaster

1913 Dec 26
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate item says McGhie is still postmaster
1915 Feb
Columbus, KS, State census McGhie as postmaster
1916 Jul 14
Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate news item says N W Houston has purchased the opera house built by McGhie in 1904
1920 Jan 17
Columbus, KS, US census as commercial salesman
Columbus, KS, city directory (only city directory available) as “traveling sales”
1926 Dec 15
Frankfort (KS) Index newspaper obituary lists death of McGhie at age 58 in Columbus, KS

In August of 1891 McGhie was working in a studio in Mankato, KS, but by July of 1892 he had his own studio in Barnes, KA.

Early in 1893 McGhie purchases the Rose Gallery in Chetopa. KS. McGhie operates there until May of 1894 when he sells the gallery to J B Pratt of Garnet, KS, and then moves to Marshal, MO.

No records have been found following McGhie in Marshal, MO, so his stay was probably brief. By June of 1896 he is shown as the “New” photographer in Columbus, KS.

W H McGhie apparently maintained a photograph studio in Columbus, KS, from 1896 until 1909. No records have been found after 1909 to show McGhie was still connected with photography or that a studio still existed. Not even his obituary in 1926 mentions his career in photography.

Over those years, the studio apparently was often operated by hired photographers as newspaper items show that McGhie built and operated an Opera House, travelled for Western Cigar and Tobacco Company and served as Postmaster in Columbus, KS.

The photograph at the left must have been made after 1896 but before 1909

Barnes (KS) Enterprise - 14 Aug 1891

Barnes (KS) Enterprise - 15 Jul 1892

Barnes (KS) Enterprise - 09 Dec 1892

St Joseph (MO) Herald - 12 Feb 1893

Chepota (KS) Advance - 10 Feb 1893

Chepota (KS) Advance - 24 Feb 1893

Chetopa (KS) Clipper - 19 May 1894

Chetopa (KS) Advance - 25 May 1894

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 11 Jun 1896

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 11 Mar 1897

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 4 Aug 1898

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 26 May 1899

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 25 Jun 1903

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 24 Aug 1897

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 15 Oct 1902

Columbus (KS) Modern Light - 16 Jul 1903

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 28 Jul 1904

Columbus (KS) Daily Light - 26 Jan 1905

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 02 Jan 1908

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 13 Jan 1901

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate
25 Nov 1902

Cherokee (KS) County Democrat - 16 Nov 1906

The Frankfort (KS) Index - 16 Nov 1911

Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate - 12 Aug 1909

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 07 Nov 1911

The Frankfort (KS) Index - 15 Dec 1926

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 14 Jul 1916

Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate - 14 Jul 1916

McGhie Theater

Opened in November 1904 as the McGhie Theater. It operated as a venue for live shows until 1911, when it began showing movies. By 1919 it had been renamed Liberty Theater.

In 1925, the theater was nearly destroyed by fire, but was renovated. It continued showing movies until the 1970’s, when it was converted into a disco.

When the disco craze bottomed out, it became the home for several businesses. But, currently, the theater is empty.

Interestingly, the old ornate ticket booth that once stood outside the theater was sold to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., where it is kept in storage and used for special occasions. -- From Cinema Treasures

photographer W E McGhie
NE cor Square, Columbus, KS
example from CurtJ on Flickr

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  1. My great-grandfather was William E. McGhie, and I have a lot of photos he took.


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