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William Jay Root

photographer: W. J. Root
Kimball Hall
243 Wabash Ave. Chicago

William Jay Root
(29 Dec 1854 - )

born in Ohio
as photographer w/Hodges in Ohio
as photographer in Nashville, TN
as photographer in Chicago, IL
1902 - 1918
as photographer at 726-28 Kimball Hall 243 Wabash
1917 - 1929
as photographer at 1610 Kimball Hall 306 Wabash
as photographer at 410, 185 s Wabash

All data from US Census or city directories.

The death date is not known but W. J. Root seems to have still had a studio when he was 76 in 1930. The cabinet card here was probably finished between 1902 and 1918.

Apparently in 1903 and 1905, the photography studio was also a bowling alley.

Note that Emerson’s brother Melville Root is also listed as photographer. He has no separate studio listing in the business pages so he was apparently working for another photographer at the time.

1903 Monmouth City Directory

photographer Root
Monmouth, IL
from the collection of KEN on Flickr

This one would be by E A Root who was the one who had a studio in Monmouth. Apparently both of his brothers William Henry and Melville E worked at the studio at one time or another.

This one is by William H Root. He was in Aledo, IL, for the US census of 1900. Records are a little sketchy before that. He was still in Monmouth, IL, for the 1880 US census.

photographer: Root, William H
Alido, IL
From the collection of Curt J on Flickr

Photographer: Root, Monmouth, IL
example from the collection of Paul Ashby

photographer: Root
Monmouth, IL
example from auction site

This photographer Root of Monmouth, IL, is not the same as William J Root of Chicago, IL. No family or business connection between the two has been found to date.

Emerson Ashton Root
(1853 - 1913)

E A Root seems to have never ventured from Monmouth, IL after moving there with his family when he was about five.

Nearly every document found relating to Emerson A Root, gives him a different birth date.

His father Henry E Root was listed in the 1870 US census as a photographer and in the 1860 US census as an Ambrotypist.

His father and both of his brothers, Melville and William H Root were photographers in one document or another, but Emerson Root seems to have been the only Root with a studio in Monmouth, IL, during the era of the cabinet card.

In the Monmouth, IL, city directories of 1903 and 1905, the photography studio was apparently also a bowling alley.

Emerson Root is documented as photographer from 1880 thru 1905. This photograph was probably done in the later part of that period.

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