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William M Oaks

Photographer: W. M. Oaks
East 5th Street. Holton, Kas

William M. Oaks
(Jul 1835 - 24 Jul 1913)

W. M. Oaks ran an ad in the Holton, KS, newspaper, the Recorder, regularly from 1875 through 1877 and then again 1894 through 1896. He opened a studio in Onaga, KS, in August of 1900 but it is not clear if it was a move or an additional studio to his in Holton.

US Census and advertisements found in the Holton Recorder place his studio at these locations:
1857 - 1877
West Side Park
1883 - 1884
West Side of Square
1894 - 1896
East 5th Street
News item hints at move but does not give address
401 New Jersey Ave as photographer
504 New Jersey Ave as no occupation

There are large gaps in the documentation so the only generalization one can draw is that Oaks was active at the East 5th street location later in his career, around the years 1894 - 1896. The 1901 US Census lists him as “No Occupation” and he dies in 1913.

The card at the left must have been finished around 1894 to 1896.

Note: Oaks Gallery is NOT the same as Oak Gallery.

There was an "Oak Gallery" in Memphis, TN, operated by T M Hambury, G W Rowland and others.

The example at the right is not a cabinet card. This style mounting was in use as early as 1895 and most popular after 1900.

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