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William W Coleman

Coleman & Remington
Hoppin Homestead Building
Providence R. I.

William W. Coleman (1830-1908)

There are many examples of the work by this partnership to be found on genealogy and sales sites.

Another example found, gives the address as 25 Westminster Street, Providence.

In a paragraph discussing the origin of the pictures used in the book “Works of Edgar Allen Poe: Poems” by Poe and Edmund Clarence Stedman, the name William Coleman was given credit for a photograph of Poe.

William Coleman and O. M. Remington were cited on the Edgar Allen Poe Society website.

One CDV photograph from the Harvard University Library credited to Coleman and Remington was dated 1869.

Coleman was a lifelong photographer. He apparently never married and lived in boarding houses all his life. There are many city directory listings for him and for Coleman and Remington. The earliest reference to Coleman as a “Photographist” is in the 1862 Providence, RI, city directory and the last reference as a photographer is in the 1903 Providence, RI, city directory. He died in 1904 at the age of 74.

Although he was listed as “photographer” in the residential sections of the city directories, he was never listed in the business section under photographers. This means he probably didn't have a studio of his own but worked instead for other photographers.

He and Remington were apparently partners from 1868 to 1876.

See also O. M. Remington

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