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Zachariah Asa Loveall

Photographer: Z. Loveall
Hay Springs, Neb

Zachariah Asa Loveall
(1859 - 1942)

So far, records have found Z Loveall in Indiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Except for the early years before 1886, his wife Jesse Ann was always documented with him. Nothing has been found that will tell when exactly he was in Hay Springs, NE. It is a safe guess however, that it was sometime between 1887 and 1900 or perhaps when he was living in Pueblo, CO, 1927 to 1929. The style and condition of the card would put it in the earlier period.

1859 Nov 22

Bedford, IN, Zachariah Asa Loveall born
1880 Jun 15
US census Faribault, MN, at 19 living with parents
1886 Jul 18
Janesville, MN, marries Jessie Ann Cartlich

1887 Apr 12
Clark, Faribault, MN, daughter Grace Mae Loveall is born
1900 Jun 07
US census LeRoy, KS as photographer
1901 Mar 12
LeRoy, KS, son Lowell Cartlich Loveall born
1902 Jan 10
Burlington, (KS) Republican news item about Loveall Gallery
1903 Oct 15
Burlington (KS) Republican real estate transfer county clerk to Z. Loveall
1904 May 19
Burlington (KS) Republican real estate transfer George F Worley to Z. Loveall
1905 Mar 01
KS state census, LeRoy, KS, as photographer
1906 Jan 04
Leavenworth (KS) Times society item from Jarbalo, KS, a small town a short distance southeast of
Leavenworth, KS

1910 Feb 10
Leavenworth (KS) Weekly Times society item about Mrs Willis visit to Mrs Loveall
1925 - 1927
Pueblo, Co, city directory no occupation shown, with wife Jessie and with Lowell and wife Jennie L at same address
Pueblo, CO, city directory Zachariah Loveall only listed; res 1201 Spruce
US census Blaine, MT, no occupation shown; wife Jessie and grandsons Lowell and Leslie at same address
US census of 1940, Salem OR, residence
1940 Apr 09
US census Salem, OR, no occupation shown’ res 1815 Fairgrounds with wife Jessie and Daughter Grace
1942 Feb 10
Cathlamet, WA, Z Loveall dies and is buried in Salem, OR

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