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Lewis M Townsend

Photographer L M Townsend
West Liberty, IA

Reverse of card on the left

Lewis M Townsend
(1853 - 1910?)

Lewis M Townsend is probably related to photographer Timothy Westley Townsend but very remotely. They are perhaps very distant cousins. Following both photographers back through their generations revealed very large families at each generation but no connection was spotted.

1853 Jul

Ohio, L M Townsend is born to Levi Kennard Townsend and Abigail Stanton
Muscatine, IA, L M Townsend marries Albia J Moore
Muscatine, IA, US census, L M Townsend as painter
Wilton Junction, Muscatine, IA, son Harry Leroy Townsend was born
West Liberty, Muscatine, IA, Iowa state census L M Townsend as artist
West Liberty, Muscatine, IA, US census and state records, daughter Lulu Bell Townsend is born

Muscatine, IA, city directory, NOT listed
Muscatine, IA, city directory, L M Townsend as photographer
Muscatine, IA, city directory, L M Townsend as Salesman for Singer Sewing Machine
Chicago, IL, US census as photographer; res 502 w 61st
1910 Apr 21
Benton Lake, IL, US census, NO documents have been found to confirm exactly when Lewis M Townsend died but this census lists his wife, Albia, as a widow.

It looks like Lewis M Townsend was a photographer, at least part time, most of his adult life. In 1883 and 1885 he was actually living in West Liberty, IA. Documents before that period say he was living it Wilton, IA and documents after that period say he was living in Muscatine, IA. Note that all three towns are less than 15 miles apart, all three in Muscatine County. Wilton and West Liberty were connected by a rail line.

Considering this, the cabinet card here could have been finished at about any time from 1885 to 1893. Most probably it was done between 1885 and 1888.

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