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Michael Irving Armantrout

Photographer: M I Armantrout
Anthony Kansas

Michael Irving Armantrout
(1868 - 1947)

All data from US census, city directories, government records and items from newspapers as noted.

1868 Nov
Michael Irvine Armantrout is born in Miami County, Indiana
Logan, OK, M I Armantrout marries Fannie Zora Myers
Kingman, KS, son Paul Lawrence Armantrout is born
1895 Mar 01
Kansas State census in Anthony, KS, as photographer
1895 Jul 23
Anthony, KS, daughter Margaret Armantrout is born
1896 Jan 03
Armantrout and wife leave Anthony, KS, for Pueblo, CO

1897 Feb 01
Armantrout and wife move to Golden, CO
1900 Jun 12
US census Golden, CO, as photographer
Guthrie, OK, as photographer w/ Armantrout Bros at 118 e Oklahoma
1907 - 1930
Guthrie, OK, as photographer studio at 118 e Oklahoma mostly as Armantrout Studio
1925 Mar 27
The (Salisaw, OK) Democrat American news item son Paul Armantrout is buying the Wallace Studio in Salisaw, OK
1925 Oct 23
The (Salisaw,OK) Democrat American news item Fire destroys Armantrout Studio in Salisaw, OK; Paul Armantrout decides to abandon photography and sell insurance in Wichita, KS
1935 - 1940
US census Guthrie, OK studio address unknown
Michael Irvine Armantrout dies at age 78 in Guthrie, OK

The records show that Michael Armantrout moved around a lot. He kept studios in several towns in western Kansas, northern Oklahoma and eastern Colorado. Cabinet cards could show locations like Golden, CO, Kiowa, KS, Kingman, KS, Anthony, KS, Salisaw, OK, Guthrie, OK, and perhaps others. The timeline shows some of his movements.

The cabinet card at the left would probably have been finished in that period before he left for Colorado, 1895 and 1896. The card and style indicate that period too.

It should be considered too, that if a card is imprinted only "Armantrout" that it may be Michael's son Paul or his brother W O Armantrout.

The (Anthony KS) Weekly Bulletin - 08 Jan 1892

The (Kingman, KS) Leader Courier - 03 Aug 1893

The (Anthony KS) Weekly Bulletin - 26 Jul 1895

The (Anthony KS) Weekly Bulletin - 03 Jan 1896

The (Anthony KS) Weekly Bulletin - 29 Jan 1897

The (Kingman, KS) Courier - 11 Aug 1898

The (Kingman, KS) Leader Courier - 03 Nov 1898

The (Salisaw, OK) Democrat American - 03 Apr 1925
(Note this is Paul Armantrout, son of Michael)

The (Salisaw, OK) Democrat American - 31 Jul 1925

The (Salisaw, OK) Democrat American - 23 Oct 1925

The (Salisaw, OK) Democrat American - 13 Nov 1925

photographer M I Armantrout
Anthony KS
example from auction site

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