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Welch's Lightning Studio

Welch, ___ - Humbolt, NE
Welch, ___ - Ithaca, Albion, Battle Creek, MI
Welch, ___ - Marshall, MI
Welch, Alvin R - Battle Creek, MI
Welch, Anson Lewis - Richmond, Memphis, Port Huron, MI
Welch, Blanche C - w/ Magerkurth Studio, Salina KS
Welch, Frank B - Stubenville, Cincinnati, OH
Welch, Frank Eugene - Albion, Bay City, Onsted, Pontiac, MI
Welch, G J - Niagara, NT
Welch, J F - Cincinnati, OH
Welch John C - Sandy Lake, PA
Welch, M C - Chagrin Falls, OH
Welch, Michael - Frankfort, MI
Welch, Norma Pearl, Mrs, - Fulton, West Bay City, Onsted, Waterford, MI

There were at least 14 possibilities for the Welch that imprinted cards with “Welch’s Lightning Studio”

This cabinet card was found in Hays, KS, but that is no indication of where it was taken. Another example found on the net was taken apparently in Michigan. And of course, there may have been more than one "Welch's Lightning Studio."

A small ad was found for Welch’s Lightning Studio in a Ness City, Kansas newspaper.

If further information surfaces it will be added here.

Subject identification on reverse indicates it was taken in Michigan
(From Rescued Family Photographs)

Ness City (KS) County News - 28 May 1892

photographer: Welch Lightning Studio
example from

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