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Alexander Edouart

Alexander Edouart
504 Kearney St.
San Francisco

Reverse of the card at the left

Alexander Joseph Edouart

Sources: biography in Photographers of the Far West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865 By Peter E. Palmquist, Thomas R. Kailbourn, US census, newspaper items as noted

1818 Nov 05
London, UK, Alexander Edouart is born to Auguste Edouart and his wife Mademoiselle Vital
Italy, Edouart studies art
New York as painter and daguerreotypist
1952 Sep 08
San Francisco, CA, Edouart arrives in California by ship
Edouart accompanies Mendocino Hunting party doing many sketches used later
San Francisco Edouart establishes art studio at 94 Montgomery st
Edouart travels to France and England
US census San Francisco, CA, Edouart as artist

1860 Jul
Edouart San Francisco, CA, opens studio at se corner of Montgomery and California sts
1860 July-Aug
San Francisco, CA, as photographer Edouart partners with Hamilton Campbell in gallery at 182 Washington, specializing in water colored photographs
1861 - 1865
San Francisco, CA, as photographer opens own gallery at 634 Washington st
1865 - 1867
San Francisco, CA, as photographer, studio at corner of Clay and Kearny, 504 Kearny
San Francisco, CA, Edouart partners with David Cobb still at 504 Kearny
San Francisco, CA, Edouart and Cobb add a location at 1144 Market st
1883 Feb 06
San Francisco (CA) Chronicle news item, Edouart operates studio at 6 Turk st
1887 -1890
Los Angeles, CA, Edouart and Son establish gallery at 121 s Spring st and then 217 ½ Spring st
1892 Nov 06
Los Angeles, CA, Alexander Edouart dies

This cabinet card would have been finished between 1865 and 1869 while at 504 Kearny, San Francisco, CA, and before the partnership with David Cobb.

Petaluma (CA) Evening Argus - 18 Apr 1873

San Francisco (CA) Chronicle - 06 Feb 1883

Los Angeles Herald - 21 Jun 1889

Los Angeles Times - 07 Nov 1892

Photographer: Edouart and Cobb
example from auction site
Probably finished around 1870
when Cobb was a partner 504 Kearny.

reverse of the card at the left

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