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George H Redman

Photographer: G H Redman
67 Main st.
Webster, Mass

George H Redman
(1854 - 1931)

George H Redman can be documented as being a photographer in and around Boston, MA, between 1882 and 1891. So far that’s all that has been found. He apparently moved around a lot. When a city directory listing is found, in most cases, he cannot be found there in the same city, the year before or after. City directories for Maine and Massachusetts are not complete during that era so continuity is hard to establish..

And unfortunately the name George Redman was not that uncommon in the Boston area. There was a glove maker, a shoe maker, a sailor, a carpenter as well as five mentions of a photographer. They could possibly be all the same person or possibly not.

Timeline sources: city directories, US census, NY passenger list

1854 Aug 23
Brooksville, MA, city records, G H Redman is born
Boston, MA, city directory NOT listed
1880 Jun 11
Lynn, MA, US census, shown as working in a shoe shop

Boston, MA, city directory not available
Newton, MA, city directory NOT listed
Boston, MA, Webster, MA, as photographer; bds 17 Converse
Boston, MA, city directory as photographer at 58 Studio Bldg; res at Newton
Newton, MA, city directory as photographer at Howe’s Block; res Malden
Boston, MA, city directory NOT listed
Newton, MA, city directory NOT listed
Malden, MA, city directory as photographer; bds 17 Converse
1886 Sep 07
Webster, MA, city records, marriage to Addie Marilla Nichols; actually lists Redman as photographer
Mar 03 Webster, MA, state records, con R E Redman is born
Webster, MA city directory is not available
Malden, MA, city directory only three pages available

Malden, MA, city directory as photographer at Plaisted’s Block; res 7 Clark
Malden, MA, city directory NOT listed
1894 May 28
Searsport, ME, state records, wife Addie Nichols dies
1900 Apr 04
Cape Rosier, ME, state records, son R E Redman dies
Richmond, NY, US census, no occupation shown (possibly not even the right Redman)
1931 Jul 25 to Jul 27
NY passenger list, on cruise from Nova Scotia to NY
Richmond, NY, H G Redman dies in Richmond, NY (speculation based on very slight evidence)

From the sparse evidence found, the cabinet card here could have been done nearly any time in the career of G H Redman, most likely around 1882 or 1888. The card has gilt edges which would be more in the style of cards from the later period.

Example from auction site

Example from auction site

The partner for the example at the left is possibly
Addie Marilla Nichols, who George H Redman married in 1886. It is also possibly a relative of his wife.

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