Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Thomas Horton Hare

T H Hare
Hamilton, MO

reverse of the card at the left

Thomas Horton Hare
(1839 - 1916)

Timeline sources: US census, Find A Grave website, short narrative by Melissa Keller
1839 Dec 31
state records Thomas Horton Hare born to Robert Hare and Margaret Negley
1860 Jun 17
East Deer, PA, US census as farm laborer
Hamilton, MO, begins work in photography according to short narrative from Ancestry by Melissa Keller
1870 Aug 02
Hamilton, MO, US census as photographer
1880 Jun 02
Hamilton, MO, US census as Daguerrian artist
1900 Jun 16
Hamilton, MO, US census as photographer
1916 Sep 01
Hamilton, MO, death certificate died at age 76 of interstitial nephritis

Thomas Horton Hare was a photographer from 1868 until he died in 1916. There are no city directories available for Hamilton, MO, so specific addresses are not possible. It’s a safe guess that the cabinet cards came after his Daguerrian period, 1880.

The style of the card at the left would indicate late 1890 to 1910.

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