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William Sherman Bennett

William Sherman Bennett

1866 Jun 22
Chesaning, MI, W S Bennett is born to Elijah S Bennett and Marion Irwin
Chesaning, MI, Wm S Bennet age 4
Chesaning, MI, Willie Bennett age 14
1896 Dec 31
Hazelton Twp, Shiawassee, MI, William Bennett marries Nellie Irene Warren; marriage certificate says occupation is photographer
1900 Jun 04
Chesaning, MI, US census William Bennett as photographer

1910 May 04
Chesaning, MI, US census William S Bennett as carpenter (looks like proprietor)
1920 Jan 22
DeWitt, MI, US census Will S Bennett as carpenter
1926 Aug 21
Lansing, MI, state record, wife Nellie Irene Warren dies
1927 Apr 12
Mason, MI, state record, William S Bennett marries Kitty Breed; listed as carpenter
1929 Jan 11
Oneida, MI, state record, William S Bennett dies at age 62

It can be shown that William S Bennett was a photographer from December of 1886 to June of 1900, abour 14 years.

photographer: Bennett
Chesaning, MI
example from auction site

Photographer Bennett
Bennett, NE

Research pending on photographer
Bennett of Bennett, NE

Of course there is some question as to whether the photographer's name was Bennett or the studio was named after the town.

No connection has been made to William S Bennett so far.

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