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Harry B Hansbury

photographer: Hansbury

There are two photographers from the cabinet card era, named Hansbury: Harry B Hansbury of Philadelphia, PA, and his son Edward B Hansbury of New York, NY.

Very little has been found about Edward Hansbury in connection to photography. He is shown as photographer in the New York City city directories of 1910, 1911 and 1916. All other references to the name seem unassociated with the photographer in profession, location and relatives. He seems to have turned to real estate and other sales. He died in 1947.

Harry B Hansbury of Philadelphia, PA, was a photographer from about 1875 to 1913, documented well by the US census and city directories from several years.

Since the cabinet card shown at the top of this page shows only the imprint “Hansbury” with no location or other information, it could be from either photographer. It is only speculation here, but it was probably done by Harry B Hansbury.

Harry B Hansbury
(1854 - 1913)

Sources: US census, city directories, newspaper items as listed

1854 Dec 22
Philadelphia, PA, state records, H B Hansbury is born to Henry Hansbury and Anne G William
1870 Nov 21
Philadelphia, PA, US census as no occupation shown
Philadelphia, PA, state records H B Hansbury marries Emma Hooven
1879 Jul 05
Philadelphia, PA, state records Edward Beatty Hansbury is born
Philadelphia, PA, US census H B Hansbury as photographer
1881 - 1885
Philadelphia, PA, city directories Harry B Hansbury as photographer

Philadelphia, PA, city directory, Harry B Hansbury is NOT listed
1887 - 1888
Philadelphia, PA, city directory, Harry B Hansbury as photographer
Philadelphia, PA, city directory, Harry B Hansbury is NOT listed; Oliver B DeMorat, photographer listed at 914 Chestnut
1890 - 1902
Philadelphia, PA, city directory Harry B Hansbury as photographer at 914 Chestnut probably keeping the DeMorat studio name during this period
Philadelphia, PA, city directory, about this year, the studio name changes to Hansbury Studio, 914 Chestnut
1904 - 1913
Philadelphia, PA, city directory, Harry B Hansbury operates as photographer at same address, 914 Chestnut
1910 and 1911
New York City, NY, city directory Edward Beaty Hansbury as photographer

1913 Jul 09
Philadelphia, PA, death certificate, Harry B Hansbury commits suicide with a gunshot to the head
New York City, NY, city directory Edward Beaty Hansbury as photographer (last mention as photographer)

Harry B Hansbury began his photography career around 1875 working for other photographers in Philadelphia, PA, such as Oliver B DeMorat who had a studio at 914 Chestnut. About 1892 Hansbury took over the management of the DeMorat studio at 914 Chestnut. Around 1900 - 1902 the DeMorat studio name changed to Hansbury Studio and remained at 914 Chestnut until H B Hansbury committed suicide in 1913.

Cabinet cards imprinted as shown on this page were probably done after the studio name change between about 1903 and 1913.

Cabinet Card by Oliver B DeMorat
(See 1889 in timeline)
The (Philadelphia PA) Times - 20 Aug 1900

Portrait of Chief Justice McCollom by Hansbury

Portrait of DeMorat by Hansbury
(See 1889 in timeline)
The Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer - 31 Mar 1907

The Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer - 10 Jul 1913

photographer Hansbury
example from Heirlooms Reunited

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